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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    When do you decide your bloodline is too tight and you should find an out? I've heard that health issues can begin to pop up if breeding is too tight. Just looking for some info on the pro's and the cons... I'm not breeding dogs yet just like to learn.
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  3. Obedience Training
    my boy has a very insensitive neck and i feel like i have to put his prong collar on SUPER tight. is it just me whos doing this? do u guys think this is cruel? if i add a link it seems like correctins are ineffective. but it seems like the way i have it him now must be uncomfortable or may be...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    I'm curious to know if anyone has something I don't. Doing a little research right now and collecting links for breeders who show/work/otherwise use heavy/tight Lar-San dogs. I already know about the following: Matrix Caragan Ro-Ki Duenas Dynasty Be R APBTs Braveheart - link defunct right now...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    ok here is a situation you can chose one of 4 options you would most likely do if it actually happend to you. when you are finished you can make up your own for the next person. an old woman beats you with her cane at the grocery store cuz you got the last bottle of oj. what do you do a) give...
1-5 of 5 Results