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    Either Way I had to stop them, I dont think Diesel remembered Sadie tho, but he was still a puppy when we had all 3
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    **GOSH I more grass in my backyard, I put Organic Fert down but everytime the sprinkler start they play in them and in the mud** Whatever, actually pictures at Dog Park
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    Timmy is now 20lbs at nearly 4 months and Sadie is nearly 7 months and 50 lbs.....*Pics were taken with my Palm Pre on alot of these.* By the way, my first post of Timmy is http://www.gopitbull.com/pictures/13947-timmy-2-months-8-lbs-pit-lab-mastiff-mix.html and Sadie's was here...
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    Sadie's Gallery Coming Soon, Im pretty sure in same thread! Enjoy. He probably looks skinny in some photos as he was skinny when I got him from lady but eating well now and just had all his 1st round of shots
1-7 of 8 Results