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  1. Pictures
    Give em to the dog lol :) Here's Dosia enjoying the old tire of the Harley Ryan is building. :) Here's a link to my FB album if you wanna check out the bike. I've been taking pics from start to almost finished. All He needs now is some oil and spark plugs and it'll fire up :) Login | Facebook
  2. General Discussion
    One of my dogs is very agressive towards lawn more tire b wheels. She will be biting the tires on the lawnmore while it running and will bite on it while its running. Any suggestion...
  3. Conditioning
    well i hooked our little jimmy rigged thing up last night, and didn't really get to see our pit play with it, today we got to see him playin with it, and its really interesting, he is kinda gettin his dance down... his jaw isn't that strong yet but its great to see he has something to strengthen...
  4. General Discussion
    I am sick of this is anyone else? I just returned from a Bully gathering and at least 85% of the owners had dogs on 2" chain collars. Come on people you spend up to $2000 on your dogs and you cant afford to buy a proper collar for your loved ones. Chains belong on snow tires not dogs. Get some...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    Got this in an email from a friend, found it interesting, and thought I would share: I saw the 20/20 special on how tires companies know they are not supposed to sell tires older than 7 yrs BUT they still do... check it out: ABC News
1-5 of 5 Results