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  1. Obedience Training
    Just curious if it's popular in this section. My older boy Bentley has his and pup female pup is currently going through training for hers.
  2. Schutzhund
    ok I guess a BH isn't really a title but Varro got his BH this Sunday. Siren earned her Utility Dog title APR 1 It is The protection and obedience phase to the IPO 1. I have been having problems finding time to track so we did the other two parts. She got an 80 in Obed and would have scored...
  3. Pictures
    Wow its been a long time since I last posted. :cheers: Lots going on with the dogs, added 3 new puppies to the mix this summer which has been insanity and unfortunately had to put down Lady due to aggression issues that were beyond my ability to safely manage. I just wanted to post a pair of...
  4. Weight Pulling
    Can anyone please point me to right direction, I have been googling lol information on the scoring system but I cannot find the break down. I want to know how many points does the dog earn per event and what does it take to earn each title. thanks in advance:)
  5. General Discussion
    This is just my opinion on selling and buying dogs. I'm sure I'll get some opposition, And not everyone will agree. ( my opinion only) -I believe there is only one type of true pitbull and thats a Gamebred one! I also belive that the majority of the public cant handle a Gamebred dog. Thats not...
  6. Pictures
    alright so my neighbor was watching his dad's APBT over this past weekend, and you know my dogs were going nuts, they are not used to there being a dog there. Anywayz they did this fence thing for 4 days and were worn out, the neighbor was happy as all get out also, as the APBT is a young one...
  7. General Discussion
    Started this to not thread jack the other post. Posted by Gesithexe Andy You could not be more wrong APA = I pull can get you a title 12x WP1, 18x WP2, 23x WP3 IWPA = 4 pulls 12x body weight = WD1 / 4 pulls 18x body weight = WD2 / 3 pulls 23x body weight = WD3 UKC Qualifying title - 3 pulls...
1-7 of 7 Results