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    It went by so fast but my boy Titus had his first birthday today. Here he is this afternoon weighing in at 48 pounds. Happy Birthday boy. Thanks for looking, Joe
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    Titus and my youngest Grandgirl this past weekend. Titus giving a little love. Got those wonky ears going here, LOL. Joe
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    In 10 days my young man Titus will turn 6 months old. He is already loosing his puppy face and all those "cute puppy" comments have pretty much quit. Still, he does have those moments........ Joe
  4. Pictures
    Apparently Titus is a better parent then the guy that made this video. :hammer::hammer::hammer: Hopefully the boy got his mother's genes...
  5. Pictures
    I havn't posted in a while.....and thought I would share some pics of Titus & vito together.....they get along so good......they never leave each others side.....they are best friends......rob
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    Here is some video's of Titus & my son Brandon, Blue & Titus & Vito. Here is Titus & my son Brandon http://s248.photobucket.com/albums/gg197/danicarman/?action=view&current=Blue_05.flv Video of Blue & Brandon...
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    Here some pics of Titus & Vito hanging 10 or trying to. (P.S) Sorry for the cut off pics. Up! up! and away!! And now Vito's turn! Hope you enjoyed.....rob
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    I havn't posted in a while (moving and just got the computer up & going) so I thought I would post some updated pics of Titus & vito. They are getting along great.....a lot better than I would have exspected. They both followc each-other around the yard and play all day long with no aggression...
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    We got Titus' brother Vito tonight after a call from the lady I got Titus from. The person who originally got Vito couldn't keep him due to restrictions on the breed in her area. Kristi called to see if I knew of anyone who might want him and I said, "Yeah....me!" :O) We just thought it would be...
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    Here's some pics we took of our big boy early this morning (note the tired expressions)...actually Mom's not in the pictures but she's patiently waiting for breakfast in bed. :O) Titus is 33lbs now and as crazy as ever!
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    Titus & Tequlia love playing Tug-of-war, but Titus always wins......Titus never gives.....rob Hope you enjoyed......rob
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    I realy love these pics of Titus, the one in red with his name on it I entered him in a picture contest.......he is just getting big......we had him weighed yesterday and he is 32 Lbs.......to me that is big for 14 weeks......I want him to stay a puppy......but he is turning into a adult...
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    Here are some pics of Me, my wife and the boys...Titus is getting huge! He just keeps growing...And Tequila is filling out nicely...Titus is now 30lbs and Tequila has put on 14lbs...wish we could show Tequila's former owner how wonderful this dog could have looked, then again he didn't deserve...
  14. General Discussion
    New to this forum and thought I would post a few pics of my shelter dog Titus
1-14 of 14 Results