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  1. Pictures
    Been a busy couple of weeks since we brought Tiva home. She's pretty DA so we dont let her around Nismo or Lowla. The type that doesnt bark or growl. Just stares excitedly, pulling harder than ever if on a leash. Sometimes lets out a quite whine. Now that she's mature I can see a huge...
  2. Pictures
    Here's a few new pics of Tiva. She came over for a visit yesterday. She has grown so much since she's been here. Tiva and Mike Sportin her new collar Little girls gettin buff :) Thanks for looking
  3. Pictures
    The guys came over to BBQ today and brought Tiva with them. She's having such a blast with Dosia :) Here comes Dosia. They both ran and ran with their Pepsi bottles :) Water time Say cheese Is it time to go in now or what Thanks for looking
  4. General Discussion
    Tiva has fallen in love with her new family and has bonded with the kids very well. The other night she woke them up barking. When Luke got up to see what was going on she ran straight to the kids room. He then noticed some one walking around out by the back fence but when he went out the guy...
  5. Pictures
    LMAO Tiva was cracking me up last night. The guys came over to work on their Harleys and they brought Tiva :) She was in the garage with us making sure the job was done right. She was telling me I better come out and make sure they don't skrew it up lol. I don't think that goes there We...
  6. Pictures
    As most of you know very good friends of mine adopted Tiva. I get to babysit her during the day when both of them are at work. Oh man I love this little girl. Her and Dosia have quickly become the best friends ever. I have a lot of fun with her :) Here are some pics. Here she is getting dropped...
  7. Pictures
    So as you guys know Trevor and Sarah came down for the weekend and brought Tiva. Dosia and Tiva hit it off quickly and got along great. They were like two pups from the same litter playing together it was cute. I have a zillion pics so lets start from the beginning. Tiva meeting her new mommy...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Pray for my girlie while she goes under the anesthesia :angel::angel::angel:
  9. Pictures
    so i finally got tiva interested in the springpole. this is her second time ever on it, the first time she played around on it a lil bit. but this time she went at it and had a good time.
  10. Pictures
    I think we're enjoying her heat just as much as her
  11. Health & Nutrition
    so as i had thought tiva went into heat before. well she didnt. but she started her heat FOR SURE today... we have had her spay scheduled for this coming wednesday, but of coarse she couldnt wait one week. oh joy :rain: just one more thing to add to my already hectic life. advice anyone? tho i...
  12. Pictures
    Tiva is about 6 months old now and around 35 #'s. Nismo will be 2 in august, i cant believe that. sarah and I finally got around to taking the camara with us on our outing today. finally :roll: Sativa: She "stalks" EVERYTHING lol still a pretty girl Nismo, working on getting his winter...
  13. Pictures
    Nismo Sativa which will be 5 months next week. Vote for Sativa in this months Puppy contest! :woof: man: Sativa @ 9 weeks and now @ 19 weeks
  14. Pictures
    Aren't I cute? wait, you just no? Say something else! my smiley boy all better see the pink on his lip? some action shots in the backyard, its quite nice today ;) get your mind outta the gutter look @ my buff lil girlie at 14 wks nismo not letting her forget who the boss dog is around...
  15. General Discussion
    So im considering cropping tiva's ears. there is only one guy that offers this in my area, well if you can consider a 3 hour drive my "area". he's charging an estimated 550 for the job. he has good work i've looked into it a bit. but i brought this up to the doc im externing for and he used to...
1-15 of 15 Results