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  1. Pictures
    some new pics of my boy toboe!!! he loves his new ball AND SO DO I, it is a chuck it ball and nomatter how much he chews and flexes his jaw it stays whole best ball ever getting his pet on he totally laid ontop of cheza, totally Da he has decided to SMOTHER HER!!!! winking at...
  2. General Discussion
    Oh man guys please help me out with this one! So as many of you know I have a rescue dog named Toboe that just recently had his last heartworm treatment this last Saturday and well now… HE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! As part of the heartworm tx I have to keep him "quit" for 6 weeks after. The problem...
  3. Pictures
    i just can't get over how cute thery are lol
  4. General Discussion
    So on April 24th 2010 I am cruising craigslist when I come across an add pleading for help. A lady advised this "puppy" has been outside of her gate and needed help. People where immediately on telling her to call AC&C but you see it was Saturday evening and AC&C doesn't answer there phones...
1-4 of 4 Results