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  1. Pictures
    Ecko and Scottie the Body sleeping on the couch. Boo aka Boocifur being cute for two seconds before going back to being the devil. Boo only loves one creature in the house. Me. Mr. The Body sporting what is most likely a shoe string of slobber. He thinks he's a dog. And then there's...
  2. General Discussion
    So, a friend of mine recently got a new pup. She is a bull breed mix of some sort. Her name is Cocoa and she is the most tenacious little thing I've ever met, but she's so sweet and snuggly. We took her to the vet to get her first set of puppy shots. She instantly loved the vet (she's very...
  3. General Discussion
    I was walking my pooch this morning and met with an owner of a Boxer Pit X We both did the right thing with new dog introductions . Slow approaches The both liked each other . Flapping tails like crazy and lots of sniffing. Along came a guy walking a Jack Russell . The owner of the jack Russell...
  4. General Discussion
    I've been working really hard getting Bert to walk on a leash well. We've had him for 4 months now and while his walk isn't perfect, he's doing great. I decided to take him for a walk to a little shopping center down the street. There's a Starbucks and other shops. I needed money out of the...
  5. Pitbull Articles
    How to help with separation anxiety, and puppy bitting. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  6. General Discussion
    Well, something really bad happened today. We were waiting out front for Anthony to come home to take the dogs out, and I had Squirt on his usual nylon leash. A lady on a scooter passed by with a small dog on her lap. In the blink of an eye, Squirt went flipped on and lunged after the dog. The...
  7. Pictures
    Man oh man, I felt like I was just at the airport signing the papers to grab this screaming puppy to take him home lol. King is officially 2 yrs old today. He's turned out to be such an intelligent, patient, athletic, and temperamentally balanced (bull)dog. LOVES to work, loves to play, and...
  8. Pictures
    There's a back yard in there somewhere.......
  9. Health & Nutrition
    So we just got back from the vet because my pup had diarrhea and threw up her food, she was given an antibiotic injection along with electrolytes for her water, special food for GI issues and antibiotic tablets etc. We've been home for half an hour now, I look over and the poor girl is...
  10. Pictures
    Happy birthday, stinker!
  11. General Discussion
    As some of you know, one of my dogs Champ is the reason we have gopitbull. He has always been the poster child for pit bull adoption and education. He was put down last evening at 11 years old. His life filled everyone who knew him with joy and was the happiest dog right to the end. Rest well...
  12. General Discussion
    Our little pup turned 10 weeks old today. She has grown so much and is now 19lbs.
  13. Pictures
    So, I was supposed to work today, and got sent home before I even clocked in with a 103.3° fever. This is how I broke my fever... Cookie decided snuggling and tons of puppy kisses were the best medicine! Mobile.....at the moment....on petguide.com app
  14. Health & Nutrition
    Fletcher got neutered today he did well.The vet told me to leave the head cone on for 10 days.They said he will learn to live with it lol.but I was thinking I can make it smaller as cutting it down lower so the cone is not as wide as the top. If I do this he still can't lick down there.he keeps...
  15. Pictures
    Today makes Raider 5 months old. He is exactly 40lbs. I'm hoping he stops at 60 lol. But I'm starting to think there's no chance for that. I can't wait until he matures enough to start conditioning him.
  16. Health & Nutrition
    so i went to the vet today, because the vet i origanlly went to wasnt really that good and didnt want to do anything with her for some reason. i went to a different one today. she was really good, she said dharma is about 14 weeks old, she weighs in at 13.4 pounds. and goes in to get spayed on...
1-16 of 414 Results