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  1. General Discussion
    Hello my name is Rob and this is my first post. I recently purchased a dog from Iron King Kennels and was wondering if anyone has had anything to do with them. Personally I was very satisfied with the open communication and friendly yet professional manner we spoke. As far as the dog he was the...
  2. Pictures
    i thought id post some new pics i got of tonka.. hes growin up quick! hes 9 months old now. here is a baby pic too :D thanks for looking!
  3. Pictures
    Here is a few pics of them. Tonka currently has his ears taped. these pictures were taken after his first taping came off. They fell so we are having to retape. Having alot of issues with his ears...vet said do to weakness in them. Tonka Toy at 12 weeks he is 14 weeks right now...weighing 35lbs...
  4. Pictures
    We let Tonka play around in the puppy harness today while we were working the rest of them... he wasnt as bad as the others with chewin on it... hes 5 months old and weighed 36lbs today!!! i have a feeling hes gonna be huge :D here are a few more of cali, teardrop and pheonix.. sorry...
  5. Pictures
    Here are a few pics i took today... Tonka played with everybody :D We are rehoming Gixer next week so i had to get some of him today too.. Im gonna miss him alot :( Here is Tonka playin by himelf Him and Cheyenne Tyson and Tonka Tater Medusa CoCo and Tonka Gixer Teardrop Thanks...
  6. Pictures
    Tonka went for a ride with me today... FYI its very difficult driving a 5 speed with this monster on your lap :D he refused to ride in the passenger seat with my cousin :D thanks for looking!!!
  7. Pictures
    I swear this pup is spoiled rotten!!! here is him luvin on Cheyenne... she doesnt like lickin :D
  8. Pictures
    Heres a couple new pics of my american bully Tonka...
  9. Pictures
    The man Tonka is near by. He is a good boy :roll:. His sister is up in Canada taking care of the neighbor kids. :)
  10. Pictures
    My Dog Tonka Just turned a year Sept.13th this picture was taken at 11 Months.
  11. Pictures
    Tonka's present came today so of course she had to show it off to the other dogs And random of her and roommates evil spawn of satan kitty
  12. Pictures
    I don't post her too often, but here she is. My 2 year old Watchdog bred female named Tonka... she's also Mac's momma. This is an updated picture taken over the weekend.
1-14 of 14 Results