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    Check out our own selection of the best deals on pet products for Cyber Monday 2019 sales and choose something lovely for your kitty or pooch- and save a few $$$ while you're at it. goDog Just for Me T-rex: Save 54% Your dog is going to go wild with fun playing with goDog's Small Blue Smike...
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    Black Friday deals are out and your pet would send you this list of his favorites if it weren't for the pesky lack of opposable thumbs. No worries, we've scoped out the best and all you have to do is click a few times to make them merry and bright this season! Black Friday sales are a perfect...
  3. pitbull behavior
    My 3 year old male pit mix has always been weird about being pet on the head. He will let me and my partner touch him in any manner, anywhere with no issue. But when a stranger tries to pet his head he ducks away. I am usually good about letting strangers know that he does not like this. This...
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    Dogs are much more than companions. There are pooches who are born to help. Watch the video for our top 10 therapy dog breeds. Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds ~Petguide.com
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    Get ready to feel all sorts of warm and fuzzies with our cutest dog breeds picks! Every pet parent thinks that their dog is the cutest pooch in the world - and they're right! But come on… you know you want an excuse to look at photos of outrageously precious dogs and puppies. And for that...
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    We put together our Top 10 list of Best Indoor Dogs - ideal for people who don't like to adventure outside that much or who don't want to keep going up and down 20 flights of stairs! ~Petguide.com
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    Have you ever wondered just what makes your mixed-breed dog so unique, or what breeds makeup your one-of-a kind mutt? Does she have special health or training needs because of her genetic make-up? It's not like there's a product that can put together a "Dog Family Tree" for your...
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    Working to dispel the stereotype that all Pitbulls are dangerous, Elle was just named top dog at the 2013 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. We covered this story on PetGuide.com and are asking for your help to spread the word. Read the entire article at PetGuide.com.
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    Just a blog i came across that i thought was interesting and wanted to share. just remember, ur choice of words matter. Pit Bulls Against Misinformation Top 10 Terms & Phrases to Reconsider Top 10 Terms & Phrases to Reconsider Just like everything our dogs do is scrutinized to the 100th...
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    I asked this once before, and I had some really great people post to the comment but I am still confused as to where, for example, 2x roc/ruby on bottom and all that lingual comes from. Can someone help me with this please!!!
  16. Bloodline Discussion
    I've been looking for the sires part while my pups peds have been sent off and i've not found anything on speedy's chain yanker on peds online i'm told its frisco/bolio but i can't find the sire any wheres wonder if you all can help
  17. General Discussion
    10. They will steal ur spot on the couch while u are up getting a soda. 9. They will take the treat u give them and bury in the back yard like a paranoid crack head hiding their stash. 8. They will jump on ur bed with muddy feet. Making u do the laundry... again! 7. They will lick visitors with...
  18. Bullies 101
    As of October 31, 2011 the top 10 ABKC dogs in the country are: PLACE - DOG'S NAME - NUMBER OF BEST IN BREED WINS 1st-GRCH AIK's Boston George Jung - 13 2nd-GRCH Lunars Gatekeeper - 12 3rd-GRCH Bully Made Clydesdale of A1 - 7 4th-GRCH Gorilla Kennel's Appletini - 6 5th-GRCH Goochland Pits...
  19. Bullies 101
    As of September 30, 2011 the top 10 ABKC dogs in the country are: 1st-GRCH AIK's Boston George Jung - 13 2nd-GRCH Lunars Gatekeeper - 10 3rd-GRCH Appletini - 6 3rd-GRCH Bully Made Clydesdale of A1 - 6 4th-GRCH Goochland Pits Success - 4 4th-GRCH Gottyline's LDK's Titan - 4 5th-GRCH...
  20. Pictures
    We (as in the NW) have been working on promoting more of the OR and WA side of the west coast. Not just CA. So Top Secret Bullies threw a good sized BBQ at a local park in Portland, OR. They paid for food and everything! Lots of kennels and people showed up from CA to upper WA. All in all we had...