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  1. Pictures
    "Mama, look I stood still, now can I have a ball????" "Oh where, oh where have all my toys gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?" "Ready for fetch! Let's go already!!!"
  2. Pictures
    Touche' just hanging out in the backyard waiting for her ball...
  3. General Discussion
    Touche' is Trying To Become a Bisell MVP Dog, Please, Vote for Her PLEASE vote for my Touche and paste this to your facebook page and pass it on to friends to help her win. THANKS in advance for the support, and happy tails and APBT smiles to you all! It will not only be great breed press, but...
  4. General Discussion
    "DR." Touche' says, she will gladly make house calls. LOL YAY, Touche' passed her Therapy Dog test tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Patch O' Pit pup joins the family business... Here she is tonight after the test looking up at one of the assistant trainers.
  5. Pictures
    OK who is the wise guy who hid my ball????? I see where you hid my ball! That isn't funny! Get it down from there now or I will climb up and get it!
  6. General Discussion
    She has the best smile! Doesn't she?
  7. Obedience Training
    Bodacious & Touche' Demonstrating "Leave It" Teaching a good solid leave it command can be a huge help in everyday activities whether it be at meal times, for those poop eaters out there, when you drop something you don't want them to have, for the underwear, sock and clicker thieves etc. Here...
  8. Pictures
    Touche' says, "Get Ready, Cause Here I come" :) She LOVES her Jolly Ball! Can you tell?
  9. Pictures
    Touche' says.... I Feel Pretty!!! Oh So Pretty!!! Feel Like running and jumping for joy!!! Cause I'm in Love with a Pretty wonderful Toy! Now Hurry up and throw the ball mommy!
  10. Pictures
    It is a little hard to throw it and tape at the same time. LOL I hope no one has motion sickness. Here is Touche' playing. View My Video
  11. Pictures
    * Ok Mom, I stood still for the picts... can I have my Easter Eggs now!!!!???? Here birdie birdie birdie!!!! Are you bringing me Easter Eggs; I thought a bunny was supposed to come? I'm still waiting....I like mine sunny side up
  12. Pictures
    HMMMM.... I think I smell TOYS!!!! It is... it is ... my toy!!!! Alright mom... put that camera down and let's play Going Up for the catch... Got it!!!! Ooops Mom threw it over the fence again!!! LOL That's Ok... I'll take a ball now instead :)
  13. Pictures
    Touche' Striking a Pose Make sure you get my good side :) OK mom that's enough Let's play!
  14. Pictures
    Touche' as Xena Warrior Princess or should I say Pit-cess
  15. General Discussion
    Today at the UKC show in NJ Touche' got 1st in puppy class, Best Female and Best of winners!!!!! Bodacious got a Ch of CH win!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Way to work it girls!!!!!!!!
  16. General Discussion
    Touche' wants to play
1-16 of 16 Results