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  1. Weight Pulling
    Hi all :) my pup is 12mo now and I'd like to look at getting him into some kind of 'job' - he lives a very active life and runs with me twice a day, plus guards at my work and then home to play with everyone. I think weight pull looks much more his speed (he is a bit clumsy on his feet and bowls...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Do certain bloodlines have any certain characteristics? I know you cannot tell a bloodline by looking at a dog, I'm trying to word it correctly, I don't want it to come out wrong. Like say for example a certain bloodline throws bigger dogs, smaller dogs, different head size ect. Does that make...
  3. General Discussion
    Thought this might be fun. The objective is to list a traits or charateristics of your dog(s). It might include cute little habits or even naughty ones. Have fun! Quinton: *Lets me know when people are coming to my place *Likes to lay on my bed. When I tell him to 'get off the bed' he does, but...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    This two part question is directed to anyone that has bred dogs or is a breeder. My aim is to learn about the behavioral traits of pitbull type dogs, whether it is the APBT, BUlly dog, Am Staff, Staff Bull and their degree of variation from generation to generation. It is known that original...
  5. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Ive heard it said that gameness comes from terriers not bulldogs,which isn't 100% true,the bull baiting dog of old was a game dog,many dogs had there paws removed and continued to battle on mere stumps to prove there tenacity. Also many if not all types of terrier come in a wire haired and...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    ok fellas just got my new lil apbt,the owners say the sire is nevada phantom and mom is razors edge and york,can you guys tell me anything about these bloodlines or what i can expect.thanks fellas
1-6 of 7 Results