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  1. Pictures
    Cuz he gets off his fat butt for once!! ;P Yay, thanks for looking at my goofy dog! :)
  2. Pictures
    I found these looking for my horse pics, and they are cute, so I'd thought I'd share. Everybody loves pics right? He's trying to get a huge piece of steak by doing every trick he knows in succession lol.
  3. Pictures
    Hey everybody! Long time! Thought I'd stop in and visit GP for a while and post up some Tranceman :) He lays like this all the time, lol Hehe My girl, Lady Kate <3 We were trying to get a shot of us all together, the animals weren't cooperating, lol Thanks...
  4. Pictures
    My sweet chocolate boys! My camera is dying so, sorry for the poor quality. :< Trance was not enthused about being on the deep freeze LOL, but it was easiest for me to take pics of him. I lol'd at his expressions of disgust. :D Poor Trance man. I prefer to take pics of them at play but my...
  5. Pictures
    Panzer! Always a mile a minute! Giving Trance love Yawn! Trapping the beast! Strike a pose Trapped again! Schweet Schweet Tranceman! Forced portrait lol
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Just found her dead. When I brought Trance in for his mystery injury, I put her in his spot because it's the coolest during the day. There is an old wellhouse that the dogs love to sleep in. I am thinking that whatever did this is in there. Maybe a spider?? This is all very strange I am still...
  7. Pictures
    Danged camera is going out on me. Time for a new one! This would have been such a good pic! >.<
  8. Pictures
    My fur pets! Everybody is looking a little scraggly from the heat and the bugs, but other than that everyone is doing well. The puppies are getting big and the boys' scars are starting to heal. Here's some pics I just took! Tyce - His poor face is all beat up. People are scared to death of him...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Well...for any of you that follow my dogs, I received Tyce officially as MY dog day before yesterday. I took him out yesterday and did some socialization work with him. Horses, children, other dogs etc. He did very well for a dog like Tyce with such a high drive and energy. By the end of the day...
  10. Pictures
    They all get to play together in the evenings. Their antics can be very entertaining, so I thought I'd do some camera-work while they expend some excess energy ; The pups' legs are doing better now! Vegas - 6 months Vaia - 18 weeks Trance - 15 Months lol Dinosaur feet...
  11. Pictures
    Alright, I know I shouldn't tease him, but it was just so funny when my husband walked up on Trance and he freaked out! It scares the bejeebus outta him for some reason, I guess because he can't see your face. I thought I'd try and see if he remembered the helmet. And he did, LOL. I know....I...
  12. Pictures
    Some new pics of the boys! Vegas is doing a lot better now. He had complications, but after that hurdle all is well now. He is getting better controlling his continence when he sleeps. I am confident he will make a full recovery. Is it just me? Or does he seem small for a 5.5 month old pup...
  13. Pictures
    Bullies on PARADE! :) ROCKIN teh galoshes because my house becomes a swamp when it rains, lol all the dogs except Indi loves it.
  14. Pictures
    Trance is a very soft and sharp dog. Very strong defensive drives, but he is a BIG softy when it comes to his human family. He sits out of submission when I am close to him, so it's a bit hard to stack him up and get him to stay. Had to employ a little help ;) I am working on building his...
  15. Pictures
    Sup peeps? Been a while huh? Trance has gotten HUGE. 7 months old and he's already bigger than Indi (1yr)
  16. Pictures
    Trance is my little dude, but he's getting big! Already nearing Indi's height. Trance is 5 months old around 38# Indi is 10 months an 54# Oh! and her rash was a reaction to Frontline, go figure! (Dirty basement room, not in my house, lol )
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    Trance looks like a chocolate lil mini gator bivens, lol ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [234245] :: BIG GATOR BIVENS
  18. Pictures
    Indi @ 10 months and Trance @ 4 months.
1-19 of 25 Results