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  1. Conditioning
    Hello! I live in NYC with my Amstaff Sherlock and we need some advice! During the hot summer days the exercise walks are being cut short which results in him being hyper and difficult to manage. We live in a small apartment in Manhattan, so not too much room to work with inside. I love the idea...
  2. General Discussion
    Where can I buy a dog treadmill? How old does he have to be to use it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Conditioning
    Here's a short video/review of the Grand Carpet Mill
  4. Conditioning
    I just bought a treadmill finally for my pup. I got a normal treadmill but have made some modifications so it's better for her. I have had her on there a few times now and she only stays on there for about 20-30 seconds or so. I have given her some treats to try to get her to stay on it longer...
  5. Conditioning
    Folks, I'm aware this matter was discussed before, however, from 2007 to now, we had a lot of changes on technologies. Based on that, I would like to ask, if someone bought a human treadmill (gym treadmill) and is using (in a supervised way) to conditioning dogs ? I have a good friend with a...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    Had a good time over the weekend with some cool folks. Kali placed second in the conformation show and placed first in the Treadmill race in her age/sex as well as most distance overall! :clap: Kane was second in his conformation group and placed First in his category in the treadmill race...
  7. General Discussion
    Morning guys! Anyone have good ideas of where to get a cheap treadmill or where you found yours for the pup! And how you got them warmed up to the idea she gets a little timid of new things didn't like her backpack or the bike attachment she takes awhile to not be scared of things so when I find...
  8. Misc. Dog Activities
    I figured I would make this a thread so I could find it easily. My boy loves his treadmill. I started with a cheap, old electric treadmill that was in my grandmothers basement for years. There are carpet mills or slat mills specifically for dogs, but free was in my budget. I went really...
  9. Pictures
    2 of her favorite things (not :D) Treadmills AND water together!! Banner day!
  10. Conditioning
    I tried a quick search but didn't find the answer. Sorry if this has been covered. I'm looking to get a treadmill for my 2 year old pit. I'm not filthy rich lol so I'd like to know where I can get a fair priced mill. whether it's new or used doesn't matter much. Seen the "grand carpet mill"...
  11. Health & Nutrition
    Whats an appropriate time for a 1yr old to be on the treadmill??? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  12. Events, Results & Photos
  13. Do-it-Yourself
    First i didnt made this , but its worth a share.
  14. General Discussion
    I live in Cartersville Ga and I'm looking for a dog treadmill. I wanted to get a regular treadmill but I heard they are better for dogs.Sometimes I can't exercise my dog the way I would like to and I know he could run on that during rainy days or my lazy days lol.
  15. Misc. Dog Activities
    So tonight I was on the treadmill and my male kept trying to get on it. So after I was done I put him on it you could tell he had never done it before but he actually walked on it for awhile. Completely cracked me up, in the past I have tried to get my female on it but she flat out refused. I...
  16. Conditioning
    So my Amstaff is 12 years old,she's getting up there in age and gains weight easily,I have a one year old APBT that keeps her busy and she gets occasional walks and daily yard time. I work offshore and my GF isn't going to work my dogs like I do-spring pole,tug of war,bite sleeve-long walks ...
  17. Conditioning
    Hey guys I was just wondering what should I do for starting on a treadmill? -How long the first,second,third,etc.. time? -Should I hand walk my dog to cool him off? -Change his diet since he will be doing more work then before? and any other info I need to know about treadmill conditioning...
  18. Conditioning
    hey guys, i tried to find a thread about treadmills but didn't quite find what i was looking for. I'm thinking about conditioning Sasha. To start off i would like to buy a treadmill. Is there anyone out there who has one and could give me some tips as to how you introduced your dog to the...
1-19 of 42 Results