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  1. Pictures
    Just thought we'd pop in to say "Hey" and show off Veronica's very unimpressive modified handstand for geriatric dogs. It is sadly much like chair aerobics at the senior center. :p We wanted to participate in a group trick training but I didn't feel comfortable trying to get her to do a full...
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    Well...close enough:) Neither of us are particularly coordinated - which is why we started this in the summer and then...got side tracked lol!
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    I usually steal all my trick ideas off youtube but when I was picturing this trick I couldn't find any "how to's" that were along the lines of what I was thinking so when I figured it out, I decided to "give back" and make a "how to" video. Veronica is still not 100% from her knee surgery so...
  4. Pictures
    Veronica learned a new trick: Veronica Lynn Pit Bull loads the dishwasher - YouTube
  5. Pictures
    http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y382/acethepuppy/9E2B0929-BD81-423C-B142-7C991DDFFDCA_zpsvujqomel.mp4 Taught him a new trick. Now that he has a new friend.
  6. Pictures
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  7. Misc. Dog Activities
    Oh my GOODNESS! this trick is so funny! HOW I mean HOW would you train a dog to do it in the first place, let alone on command! lmao OMG how HOW would you go about training this trick lol Jazzy and Veronica I want you on this one next ;)
  8. pitbull behavior
    Just had to share because in my (biased) mind I think she's so stinkin' cute the world must want to see her. :p:rolleyes: (plus I'm trying out my new youtube movie making software!)
  9. General Discussion
    The Cruelest Trick Ever Played On A Breed Of Dog. | Yonah Ward Grossman an excellent pitbull post my friend wrote.
  10. Pictures
    If only she would stop trying to bite me too. My God her ears are so retarded looking XD
  11. General Discussion
    He also knows give me five. He will slap my hand,instead of letting me shake it. I tried to get that on video too,but my memory card was all used up. Need to find my bigger one. Anyway........Enjoy!
  12. Pictures
    Yupp! Thats right my boy plays scrabble lmao!! even got a 25 point word!!! LMAO :hammer: he wouldn't leave me alone he wanted to see what I was doing so I showed him and he watched the whole game nearly like this and was very quizical lol I think I have a scrabble champion in the making!! lol :woof:
  13. General Discussion
    Video of my APBT I made this video just for fun, just to demonstrate how I taught my dog to stay. Whatchya think? here's the link
  14. Misc. Dog Activities
    Well I am trying to teach Zenith to grab a can of soda.(Not beer cause I don't really drink beer). Well after a little encouragement I got her to pick up the can. Wasn't too hard cause I already taught her to pick up my keys. The only thing is after she picks it up she adjusts it a bit and pokes...
  15. Obedience Training
    For potty training we have been giving Mara a treat after she successfully goes outside. We usually have her go, say good girl...then she will sit and we give her a treat. Well the past two days she has developed a new trick... she will get into the peeing position for a few seconds..then turn...
1-16 of 17 Results