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  1. Introduction Forum
    Hello, Been lurking around the forums for quite a while and have finally decided to make an account. This is Vendetta (red nose tricolor) and we live in Dubai - (Sorry for the picture sizing!) She's 3 now - born 24/10/2013. As a puppy - And now - Thank you for having us on the...
  2. General Discussion
    I want to start off saying I am not breeding for color! I have a brindle blue fawn female, my cousin has a blue tri male. When my female turns 2 we will be breeding them. I was just curious about what colors I could get. My females father is a blue tri male, her mom was standard brindle (I am...
  3. Pictures
    Heres my boy santana! He is 3 months old, this is the only pic i can post my camera is dead. will update later, ENJOI!
  4. Pictures
    So I have a friend who has a female tri-color red nose. Her name is Crown and she used to be best buds with ******, by pittie. They used to cuddle and play together when I lived in Arizona. She was the only one in the entire litter that was her color. The rest were completely tan. Her dad was...
1-4 of 4 Results