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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 4 month on pit bull and can't seem to get her to play tug. She'll constantly go after the rope sock shirt or whatever as we play but never hold on just bite and nip. Any suggestions???
  2. General Discussion
    Folks, Just bought (less than 1 month) a firehose tug and it was completely destroyed by my amstaff... this muthaf&&&& little devil is too strong or the firehose was old. Who cares ? What i need is a recommendation of a good store where I can buy some firehose tugs with good quality and...
  3. General Discussion
    I do it with my boy every so often... Hes gets all hyped up and starts to jam the tug at me for more. He isn't in to running and doesn't like to chase things but absolutely loves tug of war. This is in 4k if you have the internet to do it.
  4. General Discussion
    Hello i have an american bully (male, 14 months old), and just bough a american stafford or pitbull mix, dont know exactly. The staff (female 3 years old) is verry dominant over all the toys, football, tennisball, rope. Now they are playing allot thug of war together. they both are grauwling...
  5. General Discussion
    How many of you find it difficult (or impossible) to beat your dog in a game of tug o war? My last roommate had a 65 pound American Bulldog that would take some real effort to beat in a fair game. No twisting the rope or anything like that, I mean. A real, good bit of effort, haha. My pup...
  6. Pictures
    Playing Tug with my boy the other night. I've been slowing introducing the idea of lifting the front of him off of the ground better never pulled him completely. He seem to get more engaged the more I pulled him up so I figured i'd give it a spin (no pun intended). He's 9 months old on the 19th.
  7. Misc. Dog Activities
    I was told by playing tug of war with my puppy it's going to make her a aggressive dog . Is this true ? She loves playing it and she wags her tail and when I say enough she stops and let's go . She will growl and shake her head but she never shows her teeth , Is that playing ? Ty :)
  8. General Discussion
    11 week old female keeps growling every time we play tug of war why is this? Sometime I let her win and some time I bring her close and calm her down to take it out her mouth without snatching it away. What should I do to stop this aggression? Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  9. General Discussion
    this was more towards the end of her session tho, and she's all tired and worn out. hahah. but she's still got heart!!!
  10. Pictures
    Luna and Crush playing today , started with me and luna and pep and then crush took over lol, such a bully. I have a video but crushis VERY vocal and it sounds like its more serious then it is lol, and SMiggs just informed me I sound french in it , so need to audio swap for sure lol ;)
  11. Health & Nutrition
    I started playing tug a war with Caesar and noticed blood on the rope. I looked at his teeth and realized his gums are bleeding. Is that normal? He is 3 years old
  12. General Discussion
    Lex will. But as soon as I grab the toy, Lily instantly drops it. But she plays fetch with tennis balls & she'll play tug with Lex?:confused: Any thoughts?
  13. Obedience Training
    I have read some of the threads about this....but I wanted to see what you think of my individual situation. Coop is a 2yo altered male APBT from a rescue. We have a few acres of fields around our house and I have been walking him around here. Today is his 8th day home and he is pretty...
  14. General Discussion
    how can i make some homemade tug toys to play woth my dogs,i tried searching the website but could'nt really find anything,with so many pit lovers someones bound to have some great ideas
  15. Obedience Training
    my almost 6 month pitbull growls like shes killing someone when we play tug of war which i have stopped playing since the growling started but somtimes if shes playing with her stuffed animals she growls with them and stuff. she never growls toward me or any other animal or human. just wondering...
  16. General Discussion
    Do any of you play tug o war with you pits? I read a few years back that playing tug o war with any dog makes it aggressive? That you should rarely allow them to win the tug? In doing so they feel more powerful? Let me just say, I will never win in tug o war with my pit. I'm just not that...
  17. Pictures
    Got him a new toy made a lil video. He is growing so fast and turning into a big boy almost 65 pounds now ack!
  18. Obedience Training
    i was thinking about gettin my puppy to play tug of war but i heard it triggers aggressive behaviour, shall i play tug a war or leave it be?
  19. Pictures
    Here is Honey and her new little friend Peanut. He adopted us a few weeks ago.
1-20 of 40 Results