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  1. Pictures
    Here are some updated pics of Shox and Kangol. Shox is pulling his little heart out All Kangol wants is for Shox to leave him alone.... Shox wants kisses. Brayden is playing deer hunter and Shox is the deer. While I was producing the radio show last week, Shox got himself stuck with a...
  2. General Discussion
    she loves playing tug o war, and not letting go, and being spun around. this little girl's got such a fight in her!! she never gives up or lets go till she gets the rope!! she's so damn strong! if i didn't know better, i could see why ppl would think they have locking jaws.. haha..
  3. Pictures
    Mya playing tug o war with my brother! She wasn't letting go for nothing...lol
  4. Conditioning
    hey everyone i was wandering if any one got any tips for getting my dog intrested in the springpole/flirtpole,tog-owar wen he was a puppy he used to like it but not any more, any tips would be appreciated
1-5 of 5 Results