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  1. Pictures
    Haven't stopped by here in quite some time. Thought I'd share a few photos I shot of him on his 7th Birthday and a few random one.
  2. Pictures
    I am quite a few days late. But some crazy stuff has been going on over here and this month has sucks so far. But Akasha turned 2 years old on the 2nd! I can't believe she's already that old! Now for some pics! Excuse the motion blur. My poor old camera can't keep up with her lol.
  3. Pictures
    Well I'm a little late, But my Cheza turned 3years April 3rd. She is absolutely the best dog I could have ever owned and turned into just an amazing companion! I can't believe she is the same at deaths door pup I rescued at 6 weeks. Cheza at 6 weeks Recent pics of my girl
  4. Pictures
    So much has happened in such a short time, it's odd to think he's 3 already. He's turned out to be more than I could ever ask for in a dog. Eager, versatile, confident, so much more, and gosh is he fun to train. He always ends up being the test dog when we do/try something new, and he has no...
  5. Pictures
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  6. Pictures
    Ok ok I know I haven't been in at all in a long time. Work at times requires me to stay on base for emergency testing for D.o.D. Sorry for the long period of absence. Anyways, onyx turned 2 on March 2nd. Over the last 30ish days I trimmed about 1.5-2lbs. So he is now on the 35.5-36lb range...
  7. The Family Room
    Sooooo glad the holidays are over. It was extremely tough without my Dad, as it was my first Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas etc without him. Brayden had a bangin Christmas though. He also turned 4 on December 22 so my life has been crazy for the last 3.5 weeks. So here are some of the...
  8. Pictures
    Samson hit 4 months last week, he weighed in at 28.2lbs .....(hes about 30lbs today) I feed him Natural Balance AMP 3 cups or a lil less (I also mix in a 1.5" cube of fat into one of his meals a day...just to get him a lil extra fat while he s still a puppy) He is doing great, only use the...
  9. Obedience Training
    I don't know what's gotten into him, but starting about 4-5 days ago, he's begun to walk up to Roxie and hump her. For some reason, it's almost always over her face. His ... thing ... lol, is never out, but he just goes to town on her if he gets the chance. Which he did the first couple of times...
  10. Pictures
    So, with that said.. I decided that we had to take him to the park! :) I met up with my parents, and we brought our two goofballs. They had a blast! Normally there are never any dogs at this park, but unfortunately there were a few. Oh well. It was still pretty quiet. So yeah, BIG turned 6...
  11. Pictures
    So today,my friend came over,and brought Kush and her ferret Meeko. So my little apt. has a total of 6 animals inside. :/ 1 hamster 1 ferret 3 pits 1 cat Here are some pics~ :P NO MATTER WHAT,Bruno always looks like a tard in his pictures~ We dressed up Kush The ferret made her...
  12. Pictures
    I missed you guys...Czar just turned 1 and is still the tazmanian devil lol...
  13. Pictures
    Happy Birthday Ellis!! We took Ellis swimming for his b-day.
  14. Pictures
    dang belly needs them nails trimmed! sneaky gal! and they're so sad about being stuffed in the back of the car!
1-15 of 30 Results