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  1. Authorized Breeders
    Well miss TuTu finally came into heat. I will be breeding her to Teardrop this time. Teardrop is an ADBA Ace, UKC UWPCH, he has an AWP in APBA, and his Star 1 in APA weightpull. TuTu has her show and weightpull championships in NKC and her UWP. As of now all of the pups have working homes so...
  2. Pictures
    here are a few pics of tater and tutu that i took monday.. been playing around when them and thought id share ;) Thanks for looking :D
  3. Pictures
    With the boarding barn and the kids and all the dogs, we finally had a chance to play in the snow with the kids and Tutu of course. lol We found out that Tutu really likes snowballs Can I have it? If I offer to shake? How about if I jump? Higher? Woohoo! He threw it! I am gonna get...
  4. General Discussion
    Tutu got to tell Santa what she wants this year. lol should have seen all the uppity yuppitys in the mall when we came in with the pit bull LMAO! Stephanie
  5. Pictures
    I got a few shots with Tutu and the flirt pole tonite. I thought they were pretty funny. lol She really enjoys her "flying time" :D Stephanie
  6. Pictures
    Our little OFK pup Nacho was not supposed to be a house dog but he has yet to spend any time in a kennel. LOL This afternoon, Nacho and my house dog Tutu were having a wrestling match and I got a couple of pics. He really had a good time, beating her up. LOL Stephanie
1-6 of 6 Results