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  1. Pictures
    My fur pets! Everybody is looking a little scraggly from the heat and the bugs, but other than that everyone is doing well. The puppies are getting big and the boys' scars are starting to heal. Here's some pics I just took! Tyce - His poor face is all beat up. People are scared to death of him...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Well...for any of you that follow my dogs, I received Tyce officially as MY dog day before yesterday. I took him out yesterday and did some socialization work with him. Horses, children, other dogs etc. He did very well for a dog like Tyce with such a high drive and energy. By the end of the day...
  3. Pictures
    Poor Tyce, he's just too crazy to be let off the chain so he doesn't get quite the freedoms that Trance and the others get. My dad in law used to let him run loose...he ended up killing the neighbors boxer and caused a big ordeal..:flush:.(I was not staying here at that time, or it would have...
  4. Pictures
    Ha! made-ja look! I got sommore vids I'm going to post up. Just boring ones of all three playing and tugowar. Ignore my doggy voice...you know they love it. here's the pitties down on the farm... If that's not enough, well here's a vid:
  5. Pictures
    The Dynamic Duo! Race for some human lovin! Battle! Indi taking on the big boy, skit 'em girly! Is he down for the count? Bigger idn't better buddy! Run Tyce! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! What a goofy boy.. Two very happy pit bulls! Gnar! Tyce's revenge! Happy Tyce Go Indi Go...
1-6 of 6 Results