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  1. General Discussion
    A few weeks ago this little girl ran up to our family at a park. We took her around the neighborhood to no avail to who her owners are. We still haven't found them and still on the hunt, but she has become part of our family. My husband thinks she is an American pit bull terrier/ Weimaraner mix...
  2. Pictures
    Hello i have a beautiful female pitbull of 6 years old she is a bit smaller and thinner than usual pitbull because i found her at a young age malnurished and abused in the street ? could you please tell me what kind if pitbull is she ? im sonfused there are many types and very similar
  3. General Discussion
    Sorry about the crate that is the only time he is still. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. General Discussion
    this is Leo he is 5 months old do you guys have an idea of what type of terrier he is?
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello I'm new to the forum and I know a bit about pitbulls, but I'm not sure what kind of puppy CASH is. He's too big to be a staffordshire terrier. Could anyone help I'm pretty sure he's not a bully I was thinking American pitbull terrier (American Staffy). Am I right?
  6. Pictures
    I'm a new pitbull owner. I really don't know much about breeds. I adopted a 9 month old pitbull. The vet said she's pure pitbull but I keep getting people telling me she's American staffordshire mixed with American pitbull. I love my dog regardless, I just want to be more knowledgable.
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    What type of pitbull do i have i was told it was a blue nose :hammer:
  8. pitbull behavior
    Adult children's kids (so my grandchildren) now have a lovely pair of young adult dogs they picked out. I don't get a clear sense of where they got them. They have had the dogs for maybe 6 months now? The could not have more opposite activity levels from what I see on periodic visits. I want...
  9. Pictures
    I know it sounds extremely weird to ask this question. But I have a 10 month old blue nose pit bull. Now. I'm from Miami where pitbulls are banned. I now live in North Carolina and I've heard that there is different breeds of blue noses. Anyways. What I would basically like to know is. What is...
  10. General Discussion
    Would someone help me identify what type of pit I have thank you
  11. Weight Pulling
    I have a goal of having Mr. Momo pull a wagon around with groceries and things like that. I think it would be good for him to have a job, and my wife likes to take him to the farmers market, and it would be adorable having him pull a little red wagon around town! What style harness would be best...
  12. Bullies 101
    I was wondering about this breed of bully's (am-bulldog bully type) I didn't know that type of bully breed Do you bully ''people'' know this type of breed. A friend of my is considering to buy one. This is a link to a kennel in Holland Bullforce Home What do you think about that. Looking for...
  13. Pictures
    Pits, mutts, whatever. Just pictures. No debating or preaching please.
  14. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey everyone , im new to this forum ., well i recently got myself a pitbull puppy., im not familiar with the bloodlines. Supposebly the mother is a cowboy , and father is grayline and watchman. What is all those bloodlines ?? Is he an American Pitbull ?? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello, First id like to start by saying I am new here and excited to be apart of a loving pit bull community, Also I am eager to learn a lot.!! Now,to my issue. I recently got my pit puppy about 1 month ago. When I got her she was 6 weeks exact,so now shes about 3 months. She is beautiful, I...
1-16 of 70 Results