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  1. General Discussion
    Sunday night I brought my two year old American Staffordshire with me to the store. Keep in mind he is a tri color bully and is always mistaken for a Rottweiler although he is not and I have to educate people every time, but that's no big deal. That is what being a pet part is all about...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi people. Apparently we (as pitbull owners) are all drug dealers and gangsters. HAHAHA:rofl: According to my 17 year old son, who get fed missled information by his uneducated mother, Pitbulls are associated with drug dealers and gang members. Tell me that doesn't make you LOL. it does me...
  3. General Discussion
    Because I don't like Caesar Milan as a trainer... Granted I don't know everything. I am definitely not as knowledgable as some here that's for sure. Guess I'm not entitled to an opinion :D Oh, and I spread negative energy O.o Oh well! Haha Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. General Discussion
    This is a very sad story for everyone involved. The owner is going to PTS his pet of 18 years because she did what many dogs of this breed would do. I think its SO important to educate owners and new people to this breed about dog aggression, it in no way means human aggression. This was very...
  5. General Discussion
    When going about educating the uneducated on this breed remember to have a concern but respectable tone. Most new comers to this breed do not know the the danger that it is in. Some have learned to handle this breed from uneducated people themselves. Some have no clue what BSL is? Some just...
  6. General Discussion
    haha wow I dont think I have heard this one yet.... this is off a craiglists pet ad, Im not posting the actual ad, because I dont want to start drama, just get a good laugh outa this... ""Amazing looking pitbull pup...hes half bluenose half rednose...he just turned 4 months on march 8th...rare...
1-6 of 6 Results