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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Hi guys, new to the forum so excuse my ignorance, I'm looking to adopt a Pitbull. However I'm not sure of her bloodline and I was wondering if anyone could help.me gauge if she is an amstaff, apbt or cross. I know it's hard to gauge by looks alone but I hope someone can at least tell me if she...
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    I'm interested in basic obedience and barn hunt for my apbt/bully mix. I do have a few questions about barn hunting though. Does age matter when starting? She's about four months now, should I wait until a year? Would it be best to finish basic obedience before starting new training?
  3. General Discussion
    I'm looking in the future to be getting a bully breed not sure what kind though, Since I'll be 18 In December and i kind of want a dog of my own to do things with :D. I was wondering what you guys think would be a better breed for me? While American Bullies may not be what I'm looking for...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    Well, yesturday was a free day in our class because we had FCAT ((state testing)). Well, one of the new guys in my class was talking liking about how his dad is a breeded and have over 36 pit bulls. We talked abit about the bill that was passed in florida. Well, toward the end he had told me...
  5. Weight Pulling
    Just wondering if anybody knows who sells the best weight pulling harnesses and other pitbull accessories
  6. General Discussion
    http://www.hoflin.com/BR/American%20Staffordshire%20Terriers some good words from the owners of the dogs. im sure there are more people out there like me that need to read it over and over before they feel absolutely comfortable with getting 1. all the negative hype they get is overwhelming...
1-6 of 6 Results