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  1. Pictures
    Figured I’d share the new pics
  2. Pictures
    Just took pics of these two for now the rest were sleeping. Still can’t tell what color the big boy is with the white on his face. Anyone have any idea? Sometimes he looks kind of charcoal grey others black and sometimes when the light hits he has a brown sheen to him in spots
  3. Pictures
    Figured I’d post a pic from newborn and one today since there officially a week old today
  4. General Discussion
    Well molly is coming into her our. She is getting more comfortable with us and us with her. However we had forgotten how much work is having a puppy but she gets 2 walks a day and runs like the wind in the house. Have to keep things up and watch everything she does. I hope the pics got...
  5. Pitbull Links
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  6. Bullies 101
    8months strong [emoji1491][emoji1491] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bullies 101
    Hey just checking in with you guys been really busy but rambo just hit 5months and is doing great love seeing everyone else's beautiful dogs [emoji1474] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Pictures
    A photo update of my new crew. My very old cats passed away last year so I've since adopted another two. One from the shelter and one from the bushes outside of my vet's office. An OG member on here offered me her pit dog as a travel companion since my old boy Ecko is getting on in years and a...
  9. Pictures
    She is developing quite nicely. Now that we are at 7 months we are slowly increasing her physical activity and working on new tasks. We recently started to "tug" with a cow hide and she is loving the work. 3 months on the left, 7 months on the right. Loving this hide! See the prize to achieve...
  10. Pictures
    I haven't been on the forum as much lately, I've just been busy with the normal day to day stuff and taking care of the dogs. The summer kind of threw our schedule off with the heat and not being able to exercise during our normal times, and it shows in my fitness and the dogs. Thankfully the...
  11. Pictures
    Well I posted in the introduction forum about the rescue I had taken in named king, the previous owner said he didn't have time for him and his wife didn't take care of him, he was chained to a tree and was nothing but skin and bones but with eating right and proper exercise he is filling out...
  12. General Discussion
    She loves her flirt pole. I took her for a walk today pulling a chain with a 5lb weight on it and she still has crazy energy!! She wants to play with her flirt pole!
  13. Pictures
    Batty Boop turned a year Saturday here some pics of her in the weightpull hopefully we can get a weight pull champion. . . . .
  14. Pictures
    .Did some walking and just an update. . . . .
1-14 of 448 Results