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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    It's been a little bit! We've been up to a few things. G is now USJ The World According to Garp CA RATI RATN DS and we're working on his RATO and are thiiiissss close to his USJCH. We have some big plans for 2015, and we'll be back and forth across the country. We'll be out of...
  2. Pictures
    Updates :) Onyx, Blue, Izzy It's been a couple of months :) enjoy And a ped for the little one if you're interested ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [507793] :: STANLEE 'S MARVEL ISABELLE BULLDOG
  3. Pictures
    Ive been meaning to show yall some pics of one of my pups.. He's close to 4 months now, super smart this one is.. So might I introduce -- Gallant Gambit -- He is always moving so its hard to get a pic by myself.. He is a great pup and an amazing addition to the crew..\
  4. Pictures
    They are 6 months old and shits gettin fun around here! LOL! Start off with Bandito! Man I love this boy, but he is one loud ass dog! Always talking about something and you cant play Hank Williams at all or anything old country or he starts singin the dito blues! him enjoying a run with the...
  5. Pictures
    Kaiser at 18 months, I never thought he would reach 80 lbs, still looking lean despite getting no exercise due to an extremely cold winter, I can't wait to see him after a few months of work.
  6. Pictures
    Got a few new additions kicking around here now but figured will start with a thread on the originals first :) hopefulyl there are still people here who remember my crew . crush will never change .. my weirdo with the girls Luna won't share with Zeke Spent alot of time recovering in bed from...
  7. General Discussion
    Update of my boy bane and his brother these were old pics of him and his brother from last weekend @ 3weeks(includes other puppy's front the liter as well) I go see them later on today they are 4 weeks now I'll update this post again later on today ! Brothers The rest ! Sent from...
  8. Pictures
    Sorry it's been a while, been super busy with getting the new house situated and out with our boy. But we haven't forgotten about you guys and girls! Here's some updates after the flirtpole and spring work with some beach runs and hikes ! :) keep forgetting to snap photos of the other dogs out...
  9. General Discussion
    Weighs in at 53.5 lbs as of today. Sometimes i wonder if he's got boxer mixed in him b/c when he gets excited and jumps up he likes to do that boxing motion with his front paws a lot, no idea if this is common in pits or not. I think the last time i posted was after his snake bite, well he...
  10. Pictures
    King's photo journal: my growing APBT (ongoing updates!) UPDATED OCTOBER 15, 2014 - 19 & 20 MONTH PICS! POST #408 (click here) Hey guys! Not going to waste time with words, you can find the story on my boy King in my intro thread here...
  11. General Discussion
    Hello :) im back,and while I was gone Bailey FINALLY has stopped pulling on the leash for good(after chewing a new harness within minutes of getting it and costing me $30)lol. And my pom still thinks shes queen of the house and growls at Bailey,so I crate and rotate.(For those who dont...
  12. Pictures
    A couple of days on with the flirt pole. A few randoms from the past few weeks. His barky face. His I smelt it so I musta dealt it... Leave it... But I don't wanna.. BANG!! What do you mean this isn't my bed... I like it better then the other one... Enough...
  13. Pictures
    Here ya go! a few shots from today..
  14. Pictures
    My baby Harlow, 1 year on the 14th of this month. Comin in at almost 80 lbs. Us sleepin Jane, my bully female @ 7 Months, 14" tall and 48 lbs seen at the Vet on Saturday Jane (right) and Benelli (also 7 months old) (left), my co-own off of ABKC Gr. Ch. Dax And the newest one...
  15. Pictures
    Meeko and my youngest Riley China and Meeko we went rollerblading at the park pls excuse the girly harness lol
1-15 of 47 Results