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  1. Site Support and Feedback
    not sure where to put this topic/post.. when i go to upload pictures in album i pick which pics i want to place in it, then i click the submit button and it just gives me a error message
  2. Pictures
    Well Im trying to upload some photos in my album to show you the pups, but it just turns to a white blank page? Here is some, sorry if too big I dunno how to resize
  3. Pictures
    I am trying to add some pics of our new pup... I have created a new album and all and when i open it i don't see the upload photo's option.... ne help would be appreciated
  4. Pictures
    I have pics ive tried uploading but everytime it says they are to big and exceed the file siz limit. Even after i reisze them 3to 4 times where they are barely visible they still are to big. Please hel
1-4 of 4 Results