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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Ok my boy is 11 months now and I was thinking of going straight raw,or doing a mix of kibbles and raw.I've heard good things about raw feeding and never any bad until yesterday at a show.While talking to this gentleman about the subject he told me something about when taking dogs of raw feeding...
  2. Pictures
    Close up pictures of my guys.....
  3. Pictures
    of the girls and one of loki . Cali and pep before the babies came. Lokis big head
  4. General Discussion
    This was too funny not to share! I was trying to get ready to go to a party so I was not dressed. I see the UPS man drive to the gate and open it and I thought "oh crap I have Vixen, General, and Riot outside". My gate is a big sliding gate and he is able to pull right along side it. So I see...
  5. General Discussion
    I say screw runner set ups they are two costly and don't last. I have several runner set ups in my yard. With my active dogs they are not lasting. I buy some of the best pulleys i can find and they still dont last. Not only are the wheels to the pulleys wearing down at a incrediable speed...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Ok so we ordered a PS3 and a Sony Blueray player from Sony....They get delivered while we are away today. I got home and their just sitting on my front porch. The PS3 is in a brown box but the Blueray player is in the same box it comes in for the stores, so anyone could see what it was. I am so...
  7. General Discussion
    Peeling for pets: Models pose to save pit bulls - TODAY: Pets - MSNBC.com
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Well my gf has posted on hea serveral times about my lil man Deuce! just curious about hic ups. Hell be 10 weeks old monday and everytime lil man wakes up...he has hic ups for a couple minutes. any clue or is he just a wierd pup?? :p
1-8 of 13 Results