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    my friend that introduced me to APBTs by coincidence has a direct full brother to my samson ..... he is about 7 months or so older (same father and mother just diff litter) anyways, he has a great color combo....lighter than most ive seen with similar colors....and past few weeks his black nose...
  2. Pictures
    Here's my lazy dogs just being themselves.They're even too lazy to go get in their beds so they just use each other as pillows.lol.Thanks for looking!
  3. Pictures
    On a hike, relieving cabin fever She keeps from overheating with that ear, kinda like those big eared dessert foxes lol. Being cute, as usual. I think they want to play
  4. Pictures
    "lOOK MA! One paw!!" Bein a psycho Starin' all dem foo's down! (LOL) Midget Claw of Doom! The elusive Trance Streeeetch little buddy High n Tight Puppy Prowl Entering the danzerzone Joo'wanna peice o me? Skippin Chain Oh ho! Little bit close! "Heh...yeah, he doesn't...
1-4 of 4 Results