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  1. General Discussion
    Vacations are usually fun time for my family and I, unfortunately, Madison won't be able to join us. This means we will be without her for 10 days, will she miss us and cry at night, or will she forget my two months of hard work training her? Madison will be staying with a friend of mine that...
  2. General Discussion
    My family and I is planning a vacation leaving NY for 10 days. I need a place that will watch my King for those 10 days. should I call ASPCA and see what they will say? I don"t know who to call, I need some thing like a pet sitter. :(
  3. Pictures
    Hit up a beach in Daytona. It was a leash beach. I packed his new Nizmo collar for security especially since he's a pulling beast. He moves around a lot. The ride home...
  4. General Discussion
    **** got this from a friends FB, lmao, had to share**** 1. When your spouse's shocked voice shouts from the shop, "Honey, come quick, I've had a terrible accident!", you show up breathless with a mop and scent neutralizer. 2. You wake panicked in the middle of the night when you sense you...
  5. Pictures
    We decided to take a two day trip up the coast to Cambria & Paso Robles with the monsters. Here's a few of the photos so far. My wife Lori & Earl trying to keep warm. The meanest walk you can take a prey driven dog on. The whole boardwalk is infested with squirrels. My wife with the...
  6. Pictures
    This is my 2.5 yr old pooch Rufus. We got him from the ASPCA in NYC when he was 8 months and think hes a pit/french mastiff mix. Well, here he is on vacation in upstate NY enjoying the St. Lawrence river and life in general. Enjoy!
  7. General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can rent a house/cabin that obviously allows dogs in the following states: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin? I want to find a place either on a lake or pool or VERY close to a lake with some land so I can take the dogs swimming and let them run around. Anything...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    i dont know how many of you are interested in going to a Christian event but this is a good time with nice people. Early Bird Registration: Members - $259.00 : The United New Testament Church, Sharing the true Gospel of love and redemption in Jesus Christ
  9. General Discussion
    Hey I just graduated college. And I am planning to go on a 2 week vacation.. Im out of the country. I need some advice or tips on things to keep in mind.. My game plan when I leave on vacation is to leave her in my backyard...she has a dog house..inside her house is her doggy bed with some...
  10. General Discussion
    I have never had to Kennel a dog in my life, going away for a week at the end of this month, will puting my dog at a boarding faculity totally make him miserable or screw him up in any way. thanks for any info
  11. Pictures
    okay here are a few pictures from our trip last week...Peanut LOVES fishing... peein in nature.. playing in the grass i wanna see the fish you got a FISH!! i hear something.. i do have a bit more but i thought that yall might get bored seeing em :) enjoy
  12. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone take their dog on vacation? We took Peanut to the river last summer. My husband is coming home soon and we are going to take a vacation for his leave and he wants to take Peanut with us. We dont know what we want to do yet. Anything easy to do with a dog?
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    yuppers me and my kennel partner are such suckers :hammer: we are renting a time share /resort on the cape in june.Shes not bringing anyone and iam not either :flush: so who wants to go with 2 girls? 1 married 1 not.
  14. Pictures
    Tank got to go the McCall this last weekend to enjoy some alone time away from the other crazy dogs and play in the snow! So here are some pics of him on vacation! With all his beads from the mardi gras parade
  15. General Discussion
    I'll be on vacation next week guys so I won't be posting anything yeah me I need a vacation!!!!! Talk to you guys in a week!!!
1-16 of 16 Results