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    I give you the Velvet Ferrari Saw this on reddit and decided that i needed to share this autrocity haha
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    :woof:well i got some more pictures today i hope everyone likes them i know i do, as someone else said shes going to have a big block!shes growing up so fast i cant wait!going crazy waiting for her:hammer::woof:
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    :woof:her name is blue velvet at only a week old she 3 pounds if not more very big girl. parents are gorgeous looking she is the far right one on the top all blue but a white "star" type pattern on her chest! shes so cute i cant wait!:woof: dual registered i cant wait to bring her home new...
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    SO I finally got into my new house here in NM. I got 0.75 acres, but to the south is nothing but open high desert. So I take her out there to run around, very alert little puppy, and I am really suprised she hasnt ran into a cactus yet. She really loves chasing the rabbits, she cant catch em...