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  1. Pictures
    Pit Bull Awareness week campaign :) (although the Parkour dog in the 2nd half of the video is way more impressive than her kitchen tricks!!) https://www.facebook.com/HuffingtonPost/videos/10153309901121130/?pnref=story
  2. Pictures
    Thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing my spoiled, ill-behaved dog and her accomplice in crime - my own mother! :confused:
  3. Pictures
    Just thought we'd pop in to say "Hey" and show off Veronica's very unimpressive modified handstand for geriatric dogs. It is sadly much like chair aerobics at the senior center. :p We wanted to participate in a group trick training but I didn't feel comfortable trying to get her to do a full...
  4. Misc. Dog Activities
    Well...close enough:) Neither of us are particularly coordinated - which is why we started this in the summer and then...got side tracked lol!
  5. Pictures
    In my defense...I want to preface this by saying... getting drunk and goofing on your dog for entertainment is an enjoyable AND economical past time! Last Saturday we had friends over for dinner; and I made some special holiday drinks: Partridge in a Pear Tree Shake together: 1 1/2 oz Grey...
  6. Pictures
    Just dropping in to say "hello" and share V.'s new trick: Pit Bull fetches wine from fridge - YouTube Here's a longer version of the training process. I like to watch these types of videos to learn but usually the videos I see make it always seem so easy and effortless. It's never that way for...
  7. Pictures
    June is definitely a big birthday month!! I can't believe Veronica turned 8...I really have no idea where the past 8 years went. I made a little video of her past year from 7 - 8.
  8. Pictures
    Veronica learned a new trick: Veronica Lynn Pit Bull loads the dishwasher - YouTube
  9. Pictures
    4 months post CCl surgery and we finally had a proper game of tug without me panicking that her knee would snap in half and stopping the game! Veronica-Lynn Pit Bull playing tug - YouTube
  10. Pictures
    I thought I would share some pictures of veronica and my mom that I took this week: Thanks for looking!
  11. Pictures
    Since I like making videos...:D An update on Veronica's home rehab program:
  12. Pictures
    It was the only thing I could think of to work on her with her that didn't require moving...well anything lol; while she was in the early stages of recovering from CCL surgery. Her growl is not very imposing :p She's @ 13 weeks into recovery now and doing better; but definitely not 100%.
  13. Pictures
    2 of her favorite things (not :D) Treadmills AND water together!! Banner day!
  14. Pictures
    Day 5 of my captivity: I bit into an exquisite ball of cream cheese and tasted something bitter. My captors are trying to poison me. I am now refusing all food except that which can be licked to prevent ingesting their vile pills.: Every morning they drag me from a warm bed. I am forced...
  15. Misc. Dog Activities
    I am assuming that "Ladies Maid" counts, right?
  16. Misc. Dog Activities
    and it's about frickin' time!! It took forever!
  17. Pictures
    OK, this is it for awhile I promise! I was dying to find some use for the Flying Monkey song. :D
1-19 of 26 Results