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    Hi all, I was watching Oliver Twist 1948 version. And there is a bull terrier in the moive. The guy tryed to throw him in the river but the dog ran away it was muilti color pretty cool.
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    Today i will go by my Indian name, "Broken Twig" (don't ask) symbolizing the wrongs of my ancestors. happy turkey day!
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    The old point-n-shoot doesn't work to well for action shots on a clowdy day, but oh well. Here's a few of Poison Ivy today she'll be 11 months old on Wednesday and she's weighing in at 38Lbs.
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    Its been my goal from the start..... So basically if you have seen 1503s' CASINO we have the frame already...This pup and the entire litter has the poetential to be right there where I want it to be.He is the grand pup off Brunos full littermate sister,so its exactly like having Bruno bllod...
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    anyone seen this? if so whats your opinion. you can youtube if you dont know what i'm talking about.
1-6 of 6 Results