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    To all that served thank you! :clap:
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    Just curious how many veterans we have... I'll start.. US Army veteran here 6.5 years as a Cavalry Scout Made rank of SGT 15mo OIf 06-07 12mo OEF 09-10 Cody
  3. Pictures
    Stage is coming up 7 next month. When stage went missing i rung DC then he called me a few days later saying i dont think this is your dog, what i have here is a young dog maybe 3 or 4. Just wanted to see other dogs 7+ :)
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    ive been asked to post some pics by some of our veteran members. here is my big dog rico i couldnt ask for a better dog. dog has DRIVE for days and days. as some of you know he has HD so his working days are behind him so now he just hangs out with me and friends and family.
1-4 of 7 Results