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  1. Positive Pitbull News
    A must watch cute pittie video click below to watch,
  2. Pictures
    So i heard a noise while she was outside and there she is digging holes lol. Average dog lol but her reaction after I said "what are you doing" was priceless lol.
  3. Pictures
    So me and my son went outside to ride his bike. Karma came and she got thirsty so popped a hole in a bottle of water and she loved it lol. Thought it was funny. http://vid1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag63/Mr_inkedup/Mobile%20Uploads/0315161749_zpss9ody4rf.mp4...
  4. General Discussion
    OH MY GOD HOW DO YOU GUYS DEAL WITH THE STUPID?? D: i have had other bull breeds and none of them got as much attention as this guy.. And it's like there is no point trying to tell people he ISN'T a rednose or that he isn't an APBT..someone today told me that "american" and "rednose" are two...
  5. Pictures
    None of these pups are available, just sharing ;) These are the females from the Wrath x Rage breeding. They 8 weeks old now and a lot of fun!
  6. General Discussion
    Check out Princess the Pitbull on youtube. Super cute!
  7. General Discussion
    Checkout this new video the ADBA just put out. They're going to put out a separate one on their Safe Dog Program.
  8. General Discussion
    Here's a good little video put out by DNews regarding dog aggression and how BSL does not work. It was on MSN home page today. I thought it was interesting that they found rescue dogs or dog that came from shelters to be more aggressive than dogs that came from breeders.
1-8 of 357 Results