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    Well now that my boy is 13 months i wanted to get some pics of his progression and some new pics of Hemi now that she is a pre madonna and is 6 months. HERE IS A VIDEO OF ME PLAYING WITH ROCKO ON THE STAIRS BEST THING IS HE KNOWS WHEN PLAYING IS OVER AND WHEN TO LISTEN TO ME AS YOU CAN...
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    this was more towards the end of her session tho, and she's all tired and worn out. hahah. but she's still got heart!!!
  3. General Discussion
    she loves playing tug o war, and not letting go, and being spun around. this little girl's got such a fight in her!! she never gives up or lets go till she gets the rope!! she's so damn strong! if i didn't know better, i could see why ppl would think they have locking jaws.. haha..
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    Just tell me it isn't.
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    Great video that Eric Shearer put together. You'll see lots of footage of Leri Hanson and Cassie (1st Place) Lisa Berry and Siren (2nd Place) plus all the rest of the Performance Kennel crew. We all had a great time.
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    I just recently got a new camera and decided to get a few shots of Bubba. Just a random video that I thought yall might enjoy! He's 9 months and about 60 lbs. in the video.
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    While we didn't get our BH this time around, we had a good time and we learned a lot. A big thank you to the Metro-Detroit Schutzhund Club for putting on a great trial and Jen Rainey of Vom Haus Huro for doing this video and being there for us!
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    Here is Helena when she was 3 months old working on some obedience. :)
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    Ok this is the best I can do right now and I promise I will post up pictures later. Female pup 1 , this pup's placenta stayed in Siren and I had to clamp it off and leave the hemostat on the placenta while still in Siren. After I took care of the pup I helped Siren deliver the placenta...
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    She sort of works the springpole lol she just cant quite get a good grip on the hide yet (which is good she is only 11 weeks old). Anyways here is the video because LadyRampage requested it.
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    I shot these videos yesterday (7/3/11) at the park of Roller enjoying the creek. Please ignore my horrible voice lol. No worries... "No children were actually harmed in the making of these videos" lol. Trinity is my echo/future dog handler lol.
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    I took cali to the park cuz she LOVES it there, when i get her leash she knows where we are heading. Bear i tried he prefers to be home, i mean i took him once an he tried to run back home :rofl: So cali is the only one that enjoys the park like a little kid as soon as her paws hit the sand she...
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    I just found this on youtube and had to share I hope they all got homes!
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    I hope the first 10 seconds doesnt get me in trouble :o I love it @ 1:54 YouTube - ‪The Best Pit Bull Video Ever!‬‏ I love compilations like these!!
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    A couple of days ago I was at the laundry mat and they had their TV on and there was a video on about this dog called Winston. This dog was attacking a police car and he ended taking off the whole front bumper. Then when the cop tried taking off the dog grabbed one of the tires and flattened...
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    Where do you make/edit videos?
  17. Pictures
    got the video uploaded finally and a couple shots with crush in them. sistas
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    I can't get enough of these guys, at minute 4:54 they take it to a whole new level. Honestly my dog is a cgc and I think he is the biggest mush, there is no way he would let another dog go under him like that lol
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    Gosh I want one of these little blue teddy bears sooo bad. They are sooo cute :o YouTube - UKC'S MOST WANTED: VIPER X BAMBI PUPS I can't wait to get another puppy lol