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  1. Pictures
    Haven't been on here in ages. Just thought I'd post of a vid of Daemon. Getting him to slow down will be the challenge. After pulling.
  2. Pictures
  3. General Discussion
    I've done a lot of reading about gameness and prey drive and I promise my brindle bulldog is extremely game and his prey drive is insane. I've never seen a bulldog quite like him. This little dog has so much heart and fight he won't quit.
  4. General Discussion
    maybe you saw this already, but i laughed my ass off. i don't get mushy too often, but this little buggah is cute as hell. the 3min mark is where i lost it. BANDIT - YouTube
  5. Pictures
    Playing Tug with my boy the other night. I've been slowing introducing the idea of lifting the front of him off of the ground better never pulled him completely. He seem to get more engaged the more I pulled him up so I figured i'd give it a spin (no pun intended). He's 9 months old on the 19th.
  6. Obedience Training
    Here's some slow progression of puppy training! She gets so excited and all ADD on me and sometimes acts like she's never learned these tricks before. Anyways, here it is - she's only 9 weeks old. Learning to Roll Over - YouTube
  7. General Discussion
    Here is Siren the 2012 Champion. While that's not her cleanest performance it was enough that day to win the protection event and Championships Here is Homie the runner up Here is the awards being handed out if you wanted to know placements
  8. Misc. Dog Activities
    I know this is an odd Pit Bull sport, but its really prevalent in my area. He's in he beginning stages of training but he's doing pretty dang good! As good as the labs so far. Anyway I thought id share.
  9. Obedience Training
    I have been working on focus with Kai alot thanks to the help of many of you guys! :) Thank you. Here is a video of him practicing the command Focus and an extra command he learned almost on his own. lol.
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone This is a great video to show someone that doesn't understand why people go out on great lengths to buy our dogs the "best" foods. This veterinarian clearly explains what is in dog foods and how to tell if something is high quality or not. Great series to explain to a newbie on food!
  11. Pictures
    lol this boy is such a goof at times...watch how he shakes the ball...he does it all the time...this video is a bit old...i will post a newer one soon...
  12. Pictures
    I shot it on my phone, so it's not the greatest quality... I've been wanting to get this on video for the longest time now. They've been doing this since we moved here last August and I finally caught it. Anyway, They're so funny. This do this ALL the time! This is what happens when I don't...
  13. Pictures
    Just wanted to share a video of the kids having fun at work. (I'm the manager of a boarding/daycare facility. They come to work with me daily.) ^ Best perk of the job! LOVE it. Anyway...
  14. Pictures
    here's a quick video of Bubba and I hanging out on a Saturday Enjoy... Bubba the Pitbull 2.0 - YouTube
  15. General Discussion
    scary stuff out there , i wonder how much fighting has changed ....decreased?
  16. Pictures
    Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this. but, I thought i'd share w/ y'all. Lefty playing in the water. - YouTube
  17. Pictures
    I can't stop laughing!!!
  18. Pictures
    I dont own, but I find I relate to everything in this video with my little bully!!! CUTE!!! I got goosebumps! Cute story too!
  19. General Discussion
    Hi all, I came across this video that was posted by one of the local bully breed rescues in PA. I thought it was very well done and informative, especially for those who are unfamiliar with our beloved breed. I "shared" the video on facebook too so people can see what we already know. The...
41-59 of 357 Results