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  1. Pictures
    Been a while since I shared some pictures and let everyone know how we are doing! :) I have been doing well with schoolwork, I got a raise at work, and my boyfriend was promoted to manager at his job! We also got 2 new roommates! :hammer: Xena had another outbreak, nothing too major but until...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Let's see what you got. I'll start...
  3. Pictures
    First..... Kangol doing what he does best this morning.... CH New Pair of Shox Random videos of CH Shox.... Gotta love his free stacks in the yard.... Perfect.... No high rears over here!!!! Stuntin.... Dude resourceful! This morning.....
  4. Pictures
    Here is a video of Magnus working the flirtpole....It was a hot day so he isnt putting out full effort but it shows just how far he has come.
  5. Schutzhund
    Gannicus's second time to the training field and he is doing great! Last time I had no problem outing him but he was in higher drive this week and it showed that it was going to be a problem. We did a few sessions then in the last session I put an E collar and his out was great with no fight...
  6. Pictures
    Here's two videos of Earl's training session last weekend. He's coming along nicely. Me on the other hand need a little more work on my footwork!
  7. Schutzhund
    Little Auctus, I didn't get video of Banshee but I will try next week. Auctus at schutzhund - YouTube Venom, not sure if she will do Schutzhund or not but I will keep working her till I make my decision. Venom at schutzhund 9-16-12 - YouTube Baby Rain doing awesome! She is getting the hang...
  8. Pictures
    Varro doing some off leash heeling, a little wide at the end but god for a 2 year old bean head intact male with 2 brain cells! LOL Working sit, down, heel, and back up Doing bitework, he's coming along nicely. At the end he didn't want me to be in heel but we're getting there. I have...
  9. Pictures
    Sorry I've been away so long again, we've been super busy. Hope everyone and their pups are doing good. Dosia is doing great. He's having so much fun with dock diving were entering in comp on the 15th with Splash Dogs :) wish us luck. There's some stiff competition out there so were gunna need...
  10. Pictures
    My lil man has turned into a dog over the last couple months! Fish (Aimee-Older) and Noodle (Sherlene) with their girls. Crixus Xena- I could kill this dog. The other day when Jaws horse let her down I could feel her anger as I have had it happen. Crixus' and Xena's first ADBA show they...
  11. Obedience Training
    I thought I'd share this site, it was posted on another forum. It's just.. awesome. https://www.bowwowflix.com
  12. Pictures
    Diesel Daisy had one of Dre but i accidentally deleted it .. :( .. i'll get another later
  13. Pictures
    hey, sorry i havent posted in a long while have been busy an sick. But i felt better, other then my voice being messed up lol i made a video an got some pics, o an a surpise at the end lol smack to the face LOL head potraite some group shots Vids the suprise is, my hamster had pups
  14. Pictures
    Dogs are doing great! Here is a car full of screaming APBT's lol Varro is doing great and I am working him hard and hopefully we can go for our BH this December. Some great video of his progress Siren is about a week from giving birth to her litter and still is doing great work. We took...
  15. Schutzhund
    While I was practicing some obedience, it seems that the military decided it was the opportune moment to drop some bombs. I guess now I know that Apollo isn't going to be gun shy lol And some bitework Thanks for looking!
1-15 of 62 Results