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  1. Pictures
    I love this boys profile - He loves to go to the lake with me - Wolfe got a new sweater, I finally found one that fits him :D - And this is Mr. T, a friend of mine's dog that we are boarding for a while, while she is out of town, I drove all the way to Austin to pick him up the other...
  2. Pictures
    you might remember me posting about 3-4 weeks ago about bunnys first time barn hunting. (she found the rat in 12 sec. day one and 8 sec day 2) well brush hunt is the same but in a wooded "brush" area. bunny found the rat in 1.82 seconds!!! :) she placed 2nd out of everyone. she was the only...
  3. Pictures
    I not only had pictures of her, but i also took some videos too to remember her by, hope you like :) puppy love, bear and bentley kissing conversation??? Bear and her playing togehter outside, i called her my pitty because she felt like she was mine a little bear vid when we got him, dont...
  4. Pictures
    Well if you saw my thread, flirt pole action, well i did get some vids but i didnt put them up, there not long though but just bear having fun an jumping after it. also cali an roxy playing, These 2 are weirdos
  5. Pictures
    Well, last week I posted 1 pic of Whit after some flirtpole work and was asked to get some action shots. My girlfriend got some great pics! So here they are with a couple vids too. Sunday was very nice out, so we went to a dog park, a big no no and I know people will say I know better but hear...
  6. Pictures
    So my puppy cali has just started chasing her tail an none of my dogs do that so i got it on video and its soo cute. And got another video of her barking and just being herself :D
  7. Pictures
    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I posted new pics of my boy Whitman. A few of you might remember when I first joined and said I rescued him when he was a young 8 weeks old. Well my boy has grown up (SO FAST!!) and will be 10 months on february 1st. So here are a few recent pics to...
  8. Pictures
    Ok these vid just wanted to show how bear dosnt try to take toys away from roxy. He will when my beagle has a toy will just come right up to him an take it but roxy he wont cuz roxy dsont share her toys an will tell him.
  9. Pictures
    Ok i seriously have to stop with the vids :rofl: Anywho, here r 2 new ones i took yesterday last night. Ok i need to get more pictures of him too, I will get some tomorrow,
  10. Pictures
    Heres some more bear videos again :D This vid i took yesterday Vids tooken while back This would be his zoomie vid
  11. Pictures
    Ok i wanted to put more vids up because i am bored. Enjoy. :roll:
  12. Pictures
    I got some good shots of the boys playin out in the yard today. Let's start with pics first. Here's some of Dosia and my son playing in the water :) My sweet Marley A couple vids of my crazy Dosia bear Thanks for looking
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    i have a jvc eviro cam corder, on my old computer it was very easy to upload videos. my old cpu hardrive took a dump so my buddy gave me his old computer. now whenever i try to load the video on you tube it says i need i tunes. i down loaded i tunes and when i try to install i tunes it says " i...
  14. Pictures
    They all get to play together in the evenings. Their antics can be very entertaining, so I thought I'd do some camera-work while they expend some excess energy ; The pups' legs are doing better now! Vegas - 6 months Vaia - 18 weeks Trance - 15 Months lol Dinosaur feet...
  15. Pictures
    heres a few short vids of Dosia. He breaks it in the second one. Sorry their so fuzzy it's on a cell phone. Here we are working on drop command. The second time I said it the fire hose came down too.lol
  16. Obedience Training
    Do, you all know any good youtube videos or free videos on the net of training tips or videos and would be kind to link me. Thanks:p
  17. General Discussion
1-17 of 26 Results