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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Viper has started to bleed on the top of his head and the side of his neck for no reason whenever he goes outside. We just got back from the emergency vet clinic and they didn't know what it was either. He bleeds and then it stop and goes away then it will start again. We noticed it happens...
  2. Pictures
    We wanted to show you all pics of Viper here as he grows up. What better way to share with follow members. Here is a pic of him before we picked him up. Here he is at 9 weeks. Here he is at 10 weeks. Here he is at 11 weeks. Here he is at 12 weeks. Here he is at...
  3. Pictures
    When you grow up? an Obed dog? an agility dog? These are from Viper's puppy class tonight she did AWESOME! It is a puppy Obed class but they broke out the agility equipment to play on and she had no FEAR! I have not decided what her role will be at our kennel but so far she is showing...
  4. Pictures
    Viper's new collar for puppy class
  5. Pictures
    Finally here is my new little squirt Viper! The ears are getting glues TODAY! lol oh yeah I am going to keep her ears natural. shocker right? lol Playing with her BFF Tasha, Tasha is the alpha bitch of the house but just loves the puppy. K9 Perfromance Knls Catch me if you can...
1-5 of 7 Results