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  1. pitbull behavior
    My 9month old girl reacted very strangely to a male friend that came by over the weekend. Now, she is still a bit jumpy when people come in, we're working on that and she is doing much better. But when he came in she was nuts, super excited, and would not leave him alone while he was there...
  2. Pictures
    MOOSE :) one of loki and peps sons came by to visit when they picked up his papers today. momma even came out to play Was funny hearing some of there storys with him , he is sooooo much like his daddy in the lil quirks he has lol.
  3. Pictures
    ok so some friends of mine needed a place to stay for a week and they have the best little cow dog, Mercedes, the b/f and I call her Benzo, she is a low- low, lmaooo, you shall see why and some random ones of my boy Phoenix aka Neener :p She LOVES our Deck, lol - Her & Orion are great...
  4. Pictures
    My brother's Golden Retriever,Gracie, is staying with us this week. She and Kangol have a blast chasing each other around the yard; however, she is much faster than he is. I liken her to a gazelle... :roll: The only place can get away from her is his man fort, which is just this huge bush in the...
  5. General Discussion
    Well i just had a visit from Chuck Simmons Private Investigator for N&A in Ga. I seen him snooping around my yard with binoculars and camera. Told me he was looking for property and his name was Harley. I took him to back side of my yard and said that property is for sale. Asked him where he...
1-5 of 7 Results