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  1. Pictures
    I can't wait any longer to make an introduction. We just picked her up this morning, but I have been waiting for what felt like forever lol. This is Ruby, her registered name will be CascadeBulliesOG Ruby Ruthless. I love her so much already! Deuce and Gemini are doing great with her also, I...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone My husband and I have been rescuing dogs for over 25 years. We recently rescued an approximately 10 month old gorgeous blue nose, and some say great dane mix. He has a wonderful temperment, I would say pretty darn close to perfect! My question is.....He is sooo energetic...
  3. Pictures
    Hey guys so my buddies at ARK kennel dropped some pups a while ago and I just bought a female from them and she's so cute and will make a great addition to our family please say hi to ICE Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. General Discussion
    As some of you know Spock has been at Lisas in NM since the end of November. She was going to work him and get somethings she wanted done with him, that would take me much longer to try to achieve. Well he didn't care to much for the change and has been driving Lisa insane! He will be home in 9...
  5. General Discussion
    So the breeder I bought Conan from gave him his first distemper and parvo shot on Nov 10, and he's die for his 12 week shots soon but with my schedule I can't get them until the 15th. Is this going to be a very big risk on my puppy to wait an extra five days? Common logic tells me it shouldn't...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Okay so im wondering the best dog food brand i could give my 10 month old puppy and when to switch him to adult food... also wondering if there where any special things i could give him to help him add some weight.... he eats all the time but his waist just looks skinny sumtimes and makes me...
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    As the title says, i ran across this on Yahoo.. And after watching i had no idea what just happened? 'Mensch' Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad - Yahoo! News
  8. Health & Nutrition
    This is my first female dog I have owned. I have had several males over the years that were neutered at some point in there life some at 6 months and some at 3 or older. I have read many articles on the positive and negative sides of spaying and neutering before maturity. One of the articles I...
  9. The Pitbull Lounge
    So many of the VIPS know my obsession with the movie the "Three Amigos" I grew up with my 3 brothers and we loved this stupid movie and I think we watched it over 200 times. We know the whole movie by heart and even today still joke about it today. This new movie project I am on includes one of...
  10. Pictures
    Omg, i can't wait anymore lol! I was trying to wait to show you guys Rascal for about 4 days now and i can't do it LOL! Here are the new pics of Rascal the APBT everyone!! I also gave him a makeover :D Old Rascal: New Rascal: :D Here is Rascal laying on his bed :D Here is a...
  11. Weight Pulling
    lol Well, everyone knows that my dogs do not come from your traditional "working" stock. I have found 1 dog within the puppies pedigree where the dog is displastic, but he's used 4 times within the 7 gen.pedigree... their mom has been xrayed and her hips and elbows showed no signs of displaysia...
  12. General Discussion
    Hey all, Thanks for everyone that replied to my last thread, about Anukis being missing. How long should I wait to get my wife another pit? She needs a therapy dog and she doesn't want any other breed. I found one in a rescue and have talked to the woman about her, she seems like a great fit...
  13. General Discussion
    I just can't wait for the 6 week pics.
  14. General Discussion
    how do i know if my puppy head will grow to fit his cropped ears...i dnt want to get her ears croppd and then it wouldnt look right as she gets older either because his head is to small or big
  15. Health & Nutrition
    I have heard mixed feelings from Doctors, some say its ok to neuter during a dogs heat and some said its best to wait. What are your thoughts and why? Thanks
1-16 of 23 Results