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  1. Ear crops
    I am getting my girl's ears done in a few weeks and then my males. I need pics of battle/short crops to show the vet. If anyone has any frontal- and side views can you post them for me please? Thanks in advance!
  2. Adopt a Bulls
    Paris Contact redog for details
  3. Pictures
    Just wanted to share some pics of my new baby and the last pic is of his mom and dad. His mom is the white pit and his dad is the black I'm going to try and get better pics of his parents though cause they don't do them any justice. he is just to precious he is constantly with me...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    If anyone knows an honest dogman with Tab-Jeep dogs that will not cost me an arm and leg for a young male or male pup. I've been looking for close to a year for a Nigerino dog. I have about given up on finding any Nigerino dogs that I like. So have trashed that idea and am after a Jeep-Tab male...
  5. Pictures
    :) Those floppy ears are doing their job making Apollo uber cute during his zoomie. And here are some other pictures I took. The last one is my absolute favorite. Reminds me of CH Sorrells Sailor.
  6. Pictures
    Got some good shots of Outlaw today with my MIL's good camera! He's a ham when it comes to photos!
  7. Pictures
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  8. Pictures
    Her name is Kaida. We adopted her 3 weeks ago today and were told she was about 10 months old. She weighed 33lbs when we picked her up and she gains weight daily. To the point I'm thinking she was younger than they told us.haha. Anyways she is our first dog and we are surely learning a lot...
  9. Introduction Forum
    Hello, new to the site and new to bully ownership. I would like to introduce myself and learn as much as possible about the breed for the sake of our new dog. My name is Becca and my girl's name is Blaze. She is a beautiful 1 year old Blue and white Bully, very loyal and friendly with other dogs...
  10. Bullies 101
    Hello guys I see alot are very informed on this subject i would like some opinons on Misty's look as a bully she is 80% Razor Edge and 20% Gotti, she is 7 months now and weighing about 50lbs.
  11. General Discussion
    This is my baby boy Smoke and my daughter Charlie as you can tell I love my nanny dog Next is Smoke busted having fun with toliet paper and Princess pretending she wasnt involved Then my favorite showing Smokey bear being a true male :)...
  12. Pictures
    Happy Holidays everyone!
  13. General Discussion
    i'm so proud of my boy! i took Odin to Barktober fest today and even though it was his first event like that he did wonderful! the only 2 points of excitement was when a lil weiner dog growled at him and Odin backed up all scared with a "do not want" look on his face and a large bull mastiff...
  14. Pictures
    Now this is my mothers dog and yes it is a breed that most of us dont like....i definately dont but i love this dog. Her name is Precious and yes shes a chihuahua. She came from a friend of my mothers who rescued her from a hoarders room where she was locked in one room with 200 dogs...ranging...
  15. General Discussion
    It's so crazy how much even browsing around on here for the past week has opened my eyes to like another pitbull world, lol. I never thought there was so much to them.. Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  16. General Discussion
    my gf got me what she said was a pitbull. this is what Marley looks like. she does have webbed feet an a big head. do you guys think she is a pit?
  17. Obedience Training
    I just brought home a 15wk old show-bred Pit (hair loss in pic is the product of a 5 year old autistic kid and scissors :(, it's grown back now). Although I have a lot of experience raising Pits, I have never raised an un-neutered male. I really just want to hear from people who have...
  18. Bloodline Discussion
    What colour pups will a Liver Piebald with a Blue Piebald father and a Rednose mother over a Liver Rednose bitch have?
  19. Pictures
    Here ya go! a few shots from today..
  20. Pictures
    Jus a couple of pics of my three wonderful pitbulls :woof: