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    Hello i have an american bully (male, 14 months old), and just bough a american stafford or pitbull mix, dont know exactly. The staff (female 3 years old) is verry dominant over all the toys, football, tennisball, rope. Now they are playing allot thug of war together. they both are grauwling...
  2. General Discussion
    How many of you find it difficult (or impossible) to beat your dog in a game of tug o war? My last roommate had a 65 pound American Bulldog that would take some real effort to beat in a fair game. No twisting the rope or anything like that, I mean. A real, good bit of effort, haha. My pup...
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    I was told by playing tug of war with my puppy it's going to make her a aggressive dog . Is this true ? She loves playing it and she wags her tail and when I say enough she stops and let's go . She will growl and shake her head but she never shows her teeth , Is that playing ? Ty :)
  4. General Discussion
    11 week old female keeps growling every time we play tug of war why is this? Sometime I let her win and some time I bring her close and calm her down to take it out her mouth without snatching it away. What should I do to stop this aggression? Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  5. General Discussion
    this was more towards the end of her session tho, and she's all tired and worn out. hahah. but she's still got heart!!!
  6. Obedience Training
    my almost 6 month pitbull growls like shes killing someone when we play tug of war which i have stopped playing since the growling started but somtimes if shes playing with her stuffed animals she growls with them and stuff. she never growls toward me or any other animal or human. just wondering...
  7. General Discussion
    Do any of you play tug o war with you pits? I read a few years back that playing tug o war with any dog makes it aggressive? That you should rarely allow them to win the tug? In doing so they feel more powerful? Let me just say, I will never win in tug o war with my pit. I'm just not that...
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    I thought this was funny.
  9. Positive Pitbull News
    Dogs of war crucial for Marines More Labrador retrievers sought to sniff for bombs By Tom Vanden Brook USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Marines in Afghanistan want to more than double the number of bomb-sniffing dogs at their disposal in the battle against record-setting attacks by insurgents using...
  10. Obedience Training
    i was thinking about gettin my puppy to play tug of war but i heard it triggers aggressive behaviour, shall i play tug a war or leave it be?
  11. Pictures
    Here is Honey and her new little friend Peanut. He adopted us a few weeks ago.
  12. General Discussion
    When i play tug war with my pup Rookie he growls while pulling. Does that mean hes angry? Is there such a thing as a playing growl?
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    This guy is finally to big for me to swing around :( Empire says whats up BTW
  14. Obedience Training
    Hello all About Tug of war...I wanted to know what you guys think if its good or bad to play this game with your dog. I read in a few websites that is healthy and a great exercise while at some other websites they say it can make your dog to become aggressive and you should stimulate your dog...
  15. Obedience Training
    So this past Saturday I went to an obedience school for Enzo to get an evaluation. The place that I was considering requires for all dogs to have an evaluation before they can give you a price on classes. One of the things the trainer stated in the evaluation was that tug o war is considered...
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  17. General Discussion
    I have been thru many tug ropes and toys, nothing holds up for more than 2 weeks, any ideas?
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    Here ya go MobileMe Gallery
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    And here is another keeper outta Rucca X Tyco breeding i did
  20. General Discussion
    ok my dog mugsy loves playin tug-a-war with just about anything that he is allowed to chew on. I always thought this was good past time for dogs but was told by a friend of mine that it causes the dog to become more violent or agressive. is there any truth to this?