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    My 8 month old bully jus snapped my 5 year old son in the face becuz he was sitting on his back .an I have 2 other toddlers I can't take the chance on keeping him . shuld I contact the breeder an give him back ? He obviously doesn't need a home with kids I would not place him in a home with...
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    sum muscle tone
  3. Pictures
    new to this site check my profile to see my pit when he was one or two will get more recent pics soon
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    ok so there is this chick who has her own pitbull kennel... wel check this out.. he rescued 2 pitbull pups then sold them for $400 when they were old enough to give away..then she saved a so called pure pitbull but she is deff x with something cos shes got long hair around her neck & a thick...
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    this is someones thoughts from a another forum (ausrotary). wat is ur thoughts
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    Well this might just be a minor accomplishment to most of you but it finally cleared something up for i took my baby butterscotch to a friends house for a play date because he breeds APBT and his dogs are bred for WP temperment and something else he told me but i took Butters with me and when my...
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    I have a 9 month old american terrier pitbull that chews on furniture especially wood. I have many toys for him and he gets bored of them. Is there anything I can do to change this problem?