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  1. Pictures
    So my new puppy, Bruno was in the living room with us playing, switched to the channel that had the dog show on, and left it on for a minute as we looked at some of the big dogs that were there... it was quiet from Bruno, we look down and see this lol It was adorable, and hilarious so we...
  2. Pictures
    No animals were harmed during the rios pacquaio fight! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Pictures
    its odd that at first we love our dogs for being lil cute puppies, then as they grow we start admiring what dogs they turn into.... kinda cool watching my lil guy go from a bag of loose skin and bones and a lil meat to starting to get roundness , even only at 4.5 months old.... he put on 3 lbs...
  4. Pictures
    As soon as the dog came on tv Ariya started watching lol...
  5. General Discussion
    watching a celebrity episode and it made me want to reach through my TV and smack the hell out of Terry Mandel, Howie Mandel's wife.... when Ceasar brought their ugly little chihuahua to the pack, and Junior, his pit went to say hi, Terry's first words are.. ISNT HE GOING TO KILL HER...
  6. The Pitbull Lounge
    The twister board one...Wow...I was like OMG! then O_______O
  7. Bullzeye Radio
    Saw the blurb about it at the end of last week's episode, here is the info from animalplanet.com : "It's that simple. You tune in for an all-new episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees Saturday, Nov. 27 at 10 PM E/T and we donate money to the Villalobos Rescue Center. For every viewer who tunes in...
  8. The Family Room
    My mom and I took my son to the salmon hatchery to watch all the fish swim in the water. My mom kept saying they looked tasty so my boy was like "mmmmm yummy fish!" It was cute. Here are some pics we got before the camera died. Here was my mom taking him up to the fence to see them. We saw...
  9. Pictures
    Here is a pic of Dirty watching the door like a good boy!
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Onyx is co-owned locally but she is spending the last few days with me. She is the daughter of two of my dogs and is about 85 years old. super long story short she stopped eating about 2.5 weeks ago. Took her to the vet and her liver was off and not a huge amount just not normal so he wanted to...
  11. Pictures
    I do. But, D**N, It looks painful. Please share and add your pics here. Thanxs, Bronson
  12. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    yeah so some of you from the west coast or from california[i think theres a few of you?]know about delta and dawn the humpbacks stuck in the sacramento river,well i only live a few miles from there so i went to check them out,it was kinda cool i guess,hundreds of people lined along the river...
  13. Pictures
    Not sure if I posted this before or not, if I did my apologies as I am working a graveyard shift and the old brain is fried. :rofl: I took this picture last season when we were watching a Raider game. Tasha has that look on her face like, "Get me a damn beer and some chips you slacker!" :rofl:
  14. General Discussion
    Do you believe me now? This is a photo from the 2009 Inauguration, In which you can see IN FOCUS the face of each individual in the crowd !!! You can scan and zoom to any section of the crowd. . . wait a few seconds. . . and the focus adjusts. The picture was taken with a robotic camera at...
  15. General Discussion
    Hey all, Im new here and just signed up to ask about this. I have a blue pit Ive had for about a month.He's 6 months old and so far has been really sweet. He has growled at strangers,mailman etc. Then again strangers can come up to him on the leash and he loves them. Im a first time owner too...
1-16 of 21 Results