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  1. General Discussion
    Do apbt pups have weak legs,paws,joints? I ask because my pup falls very easy just a bump from my other dogs and down she goes, also when she walks she trips on herself on front paws, she is kind of heavy for her size I think but not overweight could this be the cause?
  2. General Discussion
    There are two pastern disorders that are often confused until one actually has seen the "extreme" type. The severity of "weak-by-genetic-neglect" wrists seen in many German Shepherds can approach the other type at first impression. In addition to these two, there are cases of retained cartilage...
  3. Pictures
    So...I am out kennel shopping for the new girl to have her own....and....I end up buying two kennels, and a dog. AH! I can't help myself he was so freakin cute, and decent bloodlines also. Gotti/York lines. (i saw both parents made sure he wasn't am bully style gotti...if thats what you like...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    can a weak pastern be corrected? how? (the dog is 6 mos. old and has a minor case of weak pastern) tnx guys
1-4 of 4 Results