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  1. Pictures
    Figured I’d post a pic from newborn and one today since there officially a week old today
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I recently adopted a pitbull puppy who is 5 weeks old, born aug 1 2020 (im aware he is too young to be away from mother and littermates, we didnt know his age until after adoption. Bad breeder) he is currently about 3.2-4 pounds. I am currently feeding him 4 times a day about 1/4 cup of puppy...
  3. Obedience Training
    Hello all! We picked up our puppy 2 weeks ago and things have gone so smoothly with training so far. She is very smart, a little bit silly and very loving. She was very obviously used to peeing on puppy pads when we received her but after coming home she consistently goes outside with praise and...
  4. pitbull behavior
    I stumbled into the info about 2 week shut down today. Unfortunately, I've had my foster pitt-mix for about a week. I've failed on a few fronts on a 2 week shut down. From those with experience: 1. Is it possible to implement an effective 2 week shut down when you work full time? 2. Can you do...
  5. General Discussion
    my boy Santana Stark aka that Dude 13x gooch razors edge to watch him grow and fill out @santanathebully on Instagram special thanks to damn yankee bullies for producing this bad ass Hennessy son be on the lookout for studs to open up spring 2022
  6. Pictures
    And he has made himself at home!
  7. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Adoptable Dog of the Week - Rocky at PetGuide.com.
  8. Health & Nutrition
    I have a 9 week old pup that shows signs of knuckling over, going to change her food from 4 Health puppy food at 27% protein. But want to make sure I’m reading everything correct and everyone is suggesting to switch them to a low protein ADULT dog food? What is the recommend food? I’ve also seen...
  9. General Discussion
    I have a 7 week old red nose pitbull pup who wont stop biting. I got her when she was exactly 6 weeks. I did some research and i found out that in between the 6 and 8 weeks time period they learn the pain tolerance that other puppy siblings can handle, but she is no longer around her siblings. A...
  10. General Discussion
    I got my puppy last week from a distance relative and instantly noticed that she rushes to eat all the food in the bowl. My plan was to free feed her but she will literally eat till she vomits. Is there a reason she eats so fast and won't stop?
  11. Obedience Training
    Ok so I currently have a 10 week old pup who recently fought for her life. She's now resting and building up her strength. My question is when should I start training her since he's still a lil weak from everything. Her personality is timid though and she loves to cuddle and basically just sleep...
  12. Health & Nutrition
    Before I start, yes i'm aware I have a long road ahead of me since it was taken from it's litter under the age of 8 weeks and it's a runt, but i'm willing to go through the journey with your guys' help. :) I'm currently feeding the 4 week old pup some canned wellness food as it's completely...
  13. pitbull behavior
    So, I got a pit pup as a present for my kids to follow tradition, and he's a great pup but he loves to play and has ridiculous lock jaw, what techniques can I use to stop the nipping, we don't want him getting one of the kids trying to play, thanks for the help! Sent from my A571VL using Tapatalk
  14. General Discussion
    So I've been training a couple weeks now using the e-collar, things have been going great! I've basically been following the method of using very low stim levels and training recall, and a default stay with sit/down. My dog is a bit reactive (not aggressive) but very interested which can cause...
  15. General Discussion
    Nami went to the vets yesterday and when the receptionist printed out the receipt it said she gained half a pound in two weeks. She is an 11 week old ABD/pit mix and weighs 15.5 lbs.
  16. Obedience Training
    Good morning to all, I am a brand new member and I am thrilled to have found this wonderful and informative site! I currently have a male 11 week old Pitbull puppy named "Nico" whom I love dearly but am about to lose my mind over! Nico has severe puppy biting issues, so bad that we cannot pet...
  17. Pictures
    Hi guys I adopted this boy a week ago and he is very handsome. His name is Wishbone although we have been calling him The Fatboy regularly :rofl: Any idea what he is? The person who let him go had no clue. I took him to the vet and had his ears cleaned and vaccines done the other day, she said...
  18. General Discussion
    All, I need your input. I was on travel for work for about a week. While I was gone my husband let all five dogs mingle together all day as he worked in his shop outback of our home. All dogs get along, no aggression from Angie towards Baby(14 year old dog), no aggression at all. I get...
1-19 of 241 Results