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    The MF River! Blue River! We had a great weekend in Alabama! This boy did his thing! It was a quad show but we only showed in 2,3, and 4. Show 2: 1st place in 2-3 males, Best Male Show 3: 1st place in 2-3 males, Best Male, Best of Winners (best overall shorty bull i.e. he beat the female)...
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    For those of you on my FB this will be a repeat so sorry. Lucy and I went down to Oregon for the ABKC Battle of the Bulls III. This was her first show since she was 3.5 months old. Out of three shows Lucy wound up with a first, a second and a third place in Junior Classic female group (1-2)...
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    Garp (and I, as a team) had a FABULOUS weekend of dock diving. Recently SRS (Super Retriever Series, another dock jumping organization) partnered up with UKC. This is huge for us Midwesterners who have a hard time making UAD and Splash Dogs events. Now, you can earn points and titles in UKC...
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    Here are a few of Jones from last weekend. thanks for looking. :roll:
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    My baby Gem will be turning 1 year old tomorrow(June 21st)! I will have to take some 1 year old pictures of her tomorrow:) I have taken a few of the goofy girl today, so here are her 1 day shy of 1 year pictures lol. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    We spent this past weekend dock diving with DDWW. Garp did fantastic, he's made a lot of awesome progress recently and I'm thrilled. He jumped a new competition personal best of 16'10", clinched a spot in finals, and finished his Senior Big Air title (previously held a junior national title)...
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    We've had our new dog, Harlot for exactly one week this past friday. She has a lot of issues but i know she will overcome them with the attention and love we give her. We will take good care of her and help her enjoy doing what dogs love doing....being a dog. Her first outing was nerve racking...
  8. Events, Results & Photos
    We jumped with Pier Pups at the Twin Cities Pet Expo this weekend. It was a really casual, low-key, fun event. We decided to skip Sunday. Everyone was too tired. Here! Thanks for looking!
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    Left yesterday afternoon, got caught in a blizzard in Iowa, and had to stop for the night. Garp did... Alright. After jumping 15' in practice on Friday morning, he slipped and hit his belly on the end of the dock. After that, he kept stopping/hesitating at the end before jumping in from a dead...
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    GR CH Blue River's The GOAT aka Cassius Clay and Blue River's Lollipop in Ormond Beach Sunday morning after the show. FYI I do not own either one of these dogs. Lollipop is owned by my friend, Anthony and The GOAT is owned by my boss and best friend, Bully the Kid. The GOAT took home 3 GRCH...
1-10 of 101 Results