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    We always just called her mini Pretty Girl.But her name is now Jasmine.Looks like she didn't inherite (sp) her mothers lazy bone.lol Thanks for looking!
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    here are a few random pictures from this weekend.. it was like super hot here but it would rain a little bit everyday (which helped alot) so we worked dogs in the rain :D thanks for looking!! Here is little miss CoCo Here is one of Tater Here is Cali doin what she luvs best.. chasin the...
  3. Pictures
    My camera was my phone, so I didn`t get too many good pics of the ring, no zoom and all. But I did get pics of some of the great lookin bullies there. One of the BIGGEST dogs I`ve ever seen, Trashcan ABKC Ch. Mo Money TrashCan again And my little girl hanging out with a...
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    We spent the weekend at the family cottage amusing Maggie.
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    Hey everyone! I know I know, I haven't been as active.. I still lurk during work hours but haven't been posting as much. Here are a couple of pictures of Sasha today while I was cooking a steak on the grill and relaxing.. I'm so proud she finally figured out what the pool was for. This was...
  6. The Pitbull Lounge
    What does everyone have going on this weekend? Today we are grilling out! My man is making chicken breasts and hot dogs on the grille. I'm going to make some deviled eggs. :) Plus all the other sides. We have been grilling out like every weekend, I think it's becoming a weekend tradition. :D
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    Some pics from the ABKC show. I didn't get to stay too long because my friends aren't that into dogs as I am, but then we picked Ecko up and took him to the beach. :) This guys owner was super cool, he let us interact with his dog and made sure we got a decent pic...
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    I Hope You Had Yourself A Nice Lil Weekend... Masterpiece Bullies "Ginger" "Biggie Smalls" of Masterpiece
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    Here are just a few random pics of Dozer and his little, older sister Poptart cooling off in the pool.
  10. Pictures
    Its nice to have her back around me..even if its only for a couple days. shes getting so big lol.
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    We might drive out to this event in Tempe Az. with Earl. Carter K9 Presents Certification Weekend!
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    Here are some pictures of Rufus ejoying a nice fall day in upstate NY. Enjoy!
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    just a few pics of Preacher from the Kansas show this weekend
  14. The Family Room
    So today Brandon asked me to marry him!! So happy!! I get Barca monday and now I'm engaged too!! I'm so happy :D Just thought I'd share ;) We're thinking a spring wedding and of course the dogs will be included :woof:
  15. General Discussion
    Just got a phone call from Mom saying she is going look at a rescue this weekend. She has been seeing her on petfinder and craigslist for months now and has decided that she wants to go meet her & would like me to go as well. She is at the American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue located in Baton...
  16. General Discussion
    Last weekend I had to attend my little cousin's wedding. The ordeal began by having to go dress shopping with my mom, and went considerably downhill from there. We left Friday morning at 7:30 am. My friend came down from NJ to watch the dogs. At 11 am I get a text (we are already in...
  17. General Discussion
    Ok so my skye is a year and 7 months old and my girls kano is 5 months old. Mine is spaded but kano is still intact. They get along great and love to run around together. My girl will be leaving the country for two weeks and I get to take care of her pup until she returns. He's great and listens...
  18. General Discussion
    I posted this over the weekend on another site just thought Id share... On Sat: So my husband and I were out riding our motorcycle this evening... we were riding in kind of a rural area outside thesmall town we live in and out from behind a tree pops a red pit... So of course we almost hit her...
  19. Pictures
    Cujo, Hazel and Spartacus enjoying the beautiful weather at a local park in Queens, NY. They are growing up way too fast! Hope you guys enjoy the pics! :woof:
  20. General Discussion
    Hey all im 90% positive im heading towards Callands VA this friday morning (5-14-10)... I have room for 2 dogs going south anywhere to or before Callands... also will have room for 1 coming from Callands to anywhere between there to NYC... $150+ crate total for delivery or pickup... call me at...