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    just wondering all is going to Troy's pull this weekend.
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    We came home with Kong a new UKC champion and Levy picked up two majors leaving her needing one more to become our newest ukc champion, we are very proud of both! The first pic is the only one I have from the show that kong finished and Levy picked up her wins at sigh... So the ones following...
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    Anyone else going? I'm sure Dennis & Pulldawgs will be there but what about Old Fort??? We're leaving out of Chattanooga between 9-10 am Friday morning. Hope Tink & Kat are completely out of heat by then and hope to meet a few of you guys there!!!
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    i went to work on Saturday 5am-10am but only worked to 8...then went to take snowie to the vet for his first vac shots but had to re bock it cos i had to be at a rodeo at 12...well the rodeo was pritty boring for the first 2hrs but then slowly got better as they started bringing out the bulls &...
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    Hey whats up guys and gals?Well for anyone who has been here for a few years and remembers Jenny Poo from Lowry's pitbulls from Fla i will be going out to visit her this weekend.Been wanting to get to meet her for sometime now and its finaly going to happen.Just thought i would share with those...
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    Had an excellent weekend. As some of you know I use my pitty for hunting. Training is going very well. I have been doing a lot of tracking working with Papo aswell as the other commands needed in the field. Hes picking up on things quickly. Since our pheasant season is over and we have been...
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    Ok first let me say, its good to be back up and running. Finnally settling in the house and internet is back to working! Well we only went to the Weight Pull this year and didnt stay for the conformation today. We only had Switch to show and he just needs a major to Ch so we decided to go home...
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    Hello friends, here is my boy again in a weekend trip we made to the mountains, Santiago, Chile.
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    Hennessy Pistol Pete this is one of my favorite pics, it looks like hes ROFL,lol
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    So is anyone on here planning on going? I would love to but after doing Louisiana and Virginia this year I really dont feel like making another 7+ hour trip! I guess I will just have to wait for Kentucky & N.Carolina. :cry:
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    Pistol Pete Pistol Pete and I Hennessy
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    Hey Everyone Here is some photos of Conan pulling He received 1st place in the 100 to 125 lb weight class Sorry for the BUTT shots but thats what happens when ya pull your dogs and ya want the weight cart in the photo too.. :D LMAO Just wanted to share our weekend :D Deb
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    Just bathed, a little practice and some R&R.
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    They looked good..
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    Well keep your fingers crossed, Saturday and Sunday is the NKC Nationals. I havent been able to work the dogs as much as I would have liked to but I still think they are going to put up a good show. Its 12:46 am Friday and I am just now getting around to bathing the dogs. I cant do it later...
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    We decided to visit centralia Pennsylvania this weekend. You may have heard of this story before...a book or two has been written and actually the book and movie "silent hill" was based off of this town. Anyways, we took the kids of course and got some interesting pics... Centralia... An...
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    4 shows: Well, This is how my dogs did. CONAN (Presa Canario) - won 2 Champion Classes so now he has 2 legs towards his Grand Champion. JUDA (APBT) - won his first tiime ever in the ring. He got 1st in his class against 4 dogs, beat the other class males for Best Male, beat a female Pit...
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    This is my next restoration project so if you don't here from me for a while this is what I'm doing. A ground-up restoration of a 1966 Wheel Horse. She's going to be a bute...
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    Well all the work is about done. Now I just have to maintain their weight until Saturday and see how the boys and girl do. Im really looking forward to this one just to see if all the work paid off. I know they look better than they ever have, now to see how they perform. Rebel was working...
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    We had a great time at the show, Thanks to GAPITS and her family for such a great show :D We took AKA, Wild Bill and Lilbit all dogs got a first place and AKA took Best in show and Lilbit got Best of opposite...